• "Alright, my name is Josh, and i was assigned a science project, and i wish Mrs. Smith could of assigned me a LAMER project. I have to watch baby chicks hatch... BLAHHH... err... whatever, this project will be over in three weeks, what can possibly go wrong??

    DAY 2:
    "Well, its been two days, and Mrs. Smith will be giving me four chick eggs after school. ERRG... ok.. uh... I dont know what to do about this odd situation. Well im gonna go get the eggs.. so... STAY HERE!!!"

    *about an hour later*

    "look at these lame white eggs!! all they do is sit here... making me anxious to drop them and see whats inside... NO!!! what the hell am i thinking?!?! i cant drop these! there are living creatures inside!! hmmm... maybe i should consider moving... not into a house.. maybe a psyco ward!!! NOO!!! god damnit! i need my pills...!!"


    "Arrgg! im bored of watching these lame chicks. I know what ill do!!
    *josh goes on the computer and watches fred from youtube*
    Ahah! Fred is funny.. anyways... soo.. the ducks arent hatched yet... so, im gonna go hang out with my friend emily; she just happened to call and ask me... wait... what about the eggs?? hmm... SCREW THE EGGS!!! I WANNA SKATEBOARD!!"

    *meanwhile, back at his house.. the eggs hatch*

    well.. im home now... and i might as well check on the chicks, what the hell?!?!?! the chicks hatched! what the hell?!?! these chicks look... PERFECTLY NORMAL!!! accept the really small one, what a runt... but... one looks really strange.. maybe i should feed them... ILL FEED THEM CHOCOLATE!! Wait.. no.. grass..? wait..
    I DONT KNOW!!!!