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    The harsh Alaskan winter beat down on the small town of Titega, tonight was the night that three small husky puppies are born, along with an adventure that will never be forgotten.
    As the storm raged on the spirit Beyah was growing weaker. He needed to find a host, and a weak one too. Searching for any life source that he could control, his magic led him to Titega, a small town where a litter of husky puppies were being born.
    "Ooh Mama! Look at that one!" a small girl cried.
    "Shh Claire, wait." 4 year old Claire and her mother looked exactly alike, dark hair skin and eyes. THier round faces were pure beauty in the village.
    Beyah, unneffected by the beauty of the girls, swooped in on a grey puppy that was suckling. He was smaller than the rest, very gullible. Taking control would be easy, but, if Beyah didnt get into the body in time both he and the puppy would surly die.
    For a split second as Beyah entered the tiny body, everything in the puppy stopped his heart, his blood, his mind, everything. This was the critical second Quickly settling in, Beyah succeded, and now he must wait for spring to come.

    Across town, in the oldest house, lay the shaman's wife, Anne. Anne's spirit was strong yet her body weak. She sat in front of the fire in her rocking chair. As she looked into the flames she got a strange feeling.
    "Beyah," she growled, looking towards the looking towards the window. She was about to get up but she relized the storm wasnt going to let up for hours. Sighing she fingerend her snowy owl amulet. Taking it off she blew into one side.
    As she blew into the amulet a white light formed like little snowflakes in a whirlwind. As the whirlwind died down a large snowy owl came into view.
    "You called Anna?" he looked at his old friend with interest. Even though he already knew the problem
    "Bulletstreak, it's Beyah, he's come here." her old voice quavered slightly with fear.
    Bulletstreak nodded. "I know, our problem is bigger than it seems. The winter is not yet over and he has taken up residance in a small husky puppy. The puppy is strong. Giving him more life to feed off of." Anne groaned, just what they needed.
    "I can't battle him. We need someone new...." she looked to a neighboring house.
    "Grace? Anna she's too young!" Bulletstreak ruffled his feathers in annoyance. Anne shook her head.
    "No she's not she strong small and Quick witted. Exactly what we need."

    Grace waited Impatently for the storm to let up. Any day now, Marie the local husky was going to have puppies, and she was promised one. As she sat at the window she tiwirled her black braids. Hoping the storm would pass quickly.
    Sarah, Grace's aunt and practicly mother, came over and put her hands on her niece's shoulders. Smiling she rested her head on her niece's.
    "A watched pot never boils." she grinned.
    "Niether does a storm." Grace laughed. "I thought it would be over by now." she turned around. "Dad still sleeping?" Sarah nodded.
    For as long as she can remember it had always been Dad Sarah and Grace Bloomburg. About thirteen years ago, a young researcher took advantage of Tyler Bloombug and had thier daughter, Grace. Her skin was like her mother's her eyes and hair like her father's. Grace never wanted to meet her mother, she didnt care about her. Never seen never heard, and that would never chance.
    Sighing Grace cleared a patch of frost from the window. The storm wasn't going to let out for a few hours. It was better to just wait and drink some cocoa with her aunt mabye play a game. She got up and pourd herself a glass and sat in front of the fire, gently falling asleep.