• Pass It On

    “uh Kiba, again and I know I ask this every time. Why does deidara-sensei think exploding stuff is ART?!” Naruto exclaimed getting onto the long yellow school bus. Kiba sighed, “for the millionth time, deidara is plainly CRAZY!!! And I, nor anybody will ever know why he thinks blowing up stuff is art.” Kiba shrugged after the two friends sat on the gray seat.

    “but I have to admit, this is the least boring class the school has.” the two nodded in agreement.

    ~~~~~~1 mile away…” ART BUILDING”~~~~~~~~~~~
    “ okay class. Remember keep all eyes protected and arms away from the explosives when they are active now start the art then at the end of class we’ll explode them!” deidara grinned and the students got to work. “oh and Naruto, you have to sit with Sasuke. Neji go sit were Naruto was.” deidara directed.

    ‘damn all teachers are against me!’ Naruto yelled in his head. Before Naruto left, Kiba gave him a note.
    Yo Naruto!
    Good luck dude, don’t die again! Kay?
    Naruto sighed. He sat down and looked at Sasuke, “oi Sasuke.” he whispered, “kill me now and get it over with.” no reaction came from the Uchiha. ‘omg, he’s not taking the opportunity to kill me!’
    Sorry about yesterday, I know the private message didn’t make any sense at all.
    ‘neh?! What is he talking about? Sorry? For what?’ Naruto thought. ‘might as well ask questions while I can.’
    Sasuke. . .
    1. Okay… who are you and what kind of prank is this?
    2. No duh! It made absolutely no sense im not that stupid
    3. Why did you call me “Naruto-kun” anyway?!

    After that, Sasuke didn’t write back. no matter how much stuff Naruto threw at him.

    “Naruto! Stop throwing stuff at mr. Uchiha. Students outside now!” Deidara said happily. Everybody knew deidara-sensei loved this part of teaching “ART” class. Explosions, that’s what he loved about it.

    “okay! Goggles on? No? then have fun being blind.” deidara joked and laughed as the teenagers without goggles swirmed to get them on. “now, countdown.” the students took the long string contected to the explosives and got ready to yank it and watch the loud display of “ART”.

    “one!” the teens eagerly chanted simultaneously. They pulled the string and watched the booms and bangs of it. Others watched deidara get all freaky happy and laughed at him.

    “shows over get your stuff and get on the bus now.” the teacher said his attitude already pulled together.
    “Sasuke! Wait up!.” Naruto ran up to Sasuke, “you never answered my question! Why in the world did you call me Naruto-kun!?” Sasuke sighed.
    “I have my reasons Naruto.” he said coldly. Only o have Naruto bug him again.
    “why? What reasons?!” Sasuke once again didn’t respond to the blond. Both of them got to their seats on the bus.
    Text message to Naruto
    Many reasons, dope. I’d rather not tell you all of them but one important and main one is that I…
    ------------out of Service-------------

    “ DAMMIT!” Naruto yelled aloud, standing on the moving bus. He slid down the back of the seat after being yelled at.
    Text message to Naruto
    I like you Naruto that is the reason and that’s why I sent that in a private message…
    Sasuke Uchiha
    Naruto’s eyes widened, “H-he likes me?” he pointed to himself. “ This ******** school year is a Jinx to me!!” Naruto yelled out loud again.
    -------------Detention After School---------------
    “just my luck, detention for “foul language”.” Naruto slouched on the hard plastic chair. “Can this get any better?!” Naruto said sarcastically and waved his hands in the air. “might as well chat a bit I guess.” the blond took his orange laptop and got onto the chatroom.

    Shocked_in_detention09 has logged on
    Dog_bog53 has logged on
    Sakura_uchiha63 has logged on
    Ino_plays_cupid82 has logged on
    Shocked_in_detention09: guys Sasuke said he liked ME!!
    Sakura_uchiha63: nice joke naruto
    Ino_plays_cupid82: don’t even joke, its not funny!
    Dog_boy53: Naruto, like he’d ever like you! You guys are polar opposites
    Shocked_in_detention09: im not joking im telling the truth he texted me that today
    Told_him_today09: has logged on
    Shocked_in_detention09: Sasuke! Tell them you said you liked me
    Told_him_today09: . . .
    Sakura_uchiha63: yea Sasuke like you’d ever like him
    Ino_plays_cupid82: you’re too hot to like Naruto, let alone be gay ^-^
    Dog_boy53: Naruto what kind of joke are you pulling?
    Shocked_in_detention09: im not! Im telling the truth TT-TT
    Told_him_today09: he’s telling the truth…
    Told_him_today09 has logged off
    Shocked_in_detention09: I told you guys so! I was so right!!! XD
    Dog_boy53 has logged off
    Sakura_uchiha63 has logged off
    Ino_plays_cupid82 has logged off
    Shocked_in_detention09: was it something I said…. Yup -_-
    Shocked_in_detention09 has logged off
    “oh great, now everybody knows he likes me! I just had to mention that, damn im stupid.” Naruto whinned hitting his head against the desk.
    “Oh dammit! Now Sakura and ino are going to kill me!” Naruto said a little scared then checked a text message he just recived.
    Text message to Naruto:
    …. Hey Naruto remember me?
    Text message to Gaara:
    Oh my god, Gaara?! Long time no see, I missed you soo much, where are you anyway?
    Text message to Naruto:
    Kohana… temari and I are moving here Seeya at school tomorrow
    Text message to Gaara:
    Can’t wait! Seeya then
    P.S. you are going to be in this assinment thing we have in Social Studies
    P.P.S. Temari is in the group as well
    P.P.P.S. this is going to be more hell than I thought earlier
    Naruto happily walked back to his apartment , “Gaara is Back!”
    -----------To Gaara and Temari--------------------
    “hey gaara doesn’t Naruto live here?” gaara nodded and continued to walking.
    ‘this time, I’ll tell Naruto. No distractions, no sisters, nobody but us. I will tell Naruto.’ gaara said to himself.