• chapter 3

    Danielle opened her eyes to see Noah and a tall well built guy probably the same age as Noah talking loudly.
    Danielle slowly got up and yawned. Noah and the tall guy stood up and stared at her. "what?" Danielle stared at Noah.
    " nothing..." Noah said quietly. " holy crap" said the tall man " you weren't lieing. its a human!" the man said as he walked to Danielle to study her. She quickly got up and moved away from the bed. " who is the weirdo?" " the weirdos name is Millagan.
    Hes a close friend." Noah replied. Millagan got behind Danielle and touched her neck. It happened so fast that Danielle could int move . "hmmmm" He said as he opened his mouth to show fangs like Noahs. "NO!" Noah shouted. Noah quickly grabed her and pulled her away. Danielle could feel his strong chest on hers. "damn it shes not food Millagan!" he said angerly.
    "chill i was just seeing" He stared at danielle hungerly "wered you get it?"
    " im a her!" Danielle said angerly
    "what ever" He retorted
    "i found... Danielle... in the other world" Noah said quetly
    "Danielle....." Millagan smerked "she has no idea whats shes in for does she?"
    "can you go out side for a hemo" Noah said to danielle


    Hemo: second
    Zouth: minute
    Moutre: hour
    thats the time. you dont really need to know the dates. like months and stuff ok!

    "hem?..... fine" Danielle said after an icy stare from Noah. She walked out the door. And started to walk out of the cave so she could look around. suddenly she smelt that foul smell again. "gosh that doesnt smell like skunk" she said. Danielle started walking again. ' i cant take it enymore. im going to find out what that is!' she thought. She put her hand against the wall so she could feel were a passage way was. As she walked the foul smell got stronger until her hand was touching nothing as a singnal that there was a passage there. Danielle started walking down it. "ewwww the smell is getting stronger!" Danielle said out loud.
    "whos out there?!" boomed a loud voice.
    "uh uh" Danielle started to panic.
    "grab her" said the voice
    Danielle felt two arms grab her strongly and pull her to a door she didnt see before. Through the door was a big bright room with three chairs in the front. " Who are you" said the voice
    "D-Danielle." she replyed.
    "Danielle! are you a human..."
    "uhh last time i checked" she said nervously.
    "do you know my son Noah?"
    "son?! so... your a king right?" Danielle asked.
    "so you do know him. Why are you not with the prince then?"
    " uhh he told me to wait for him out side"
    "go get him" he ordered
    The man that was holding her, let go and walked to the door.
    After he left the king started to talk again.
    "do you know why your here?"
    "nope" responded Danielle.
    "your here for a very special reason. you see there is a legond that when a human with the name of our god, comes and has to save our world from a great dark power"
    "So he really didnt tell you?"
    "no!" She said loudly.
    Suddenly the door slamed open. It was Noah and Millagan- who now had a black eye which was probibly from noah-.
    "What did you tell her?!" He yelled at the king
    "What you should of told her. Stella would you please take Danielle and give her a bath and give her some clean clothes and human food" the king told a girl who was a bit younger then Danielle. Stella jestured her to a near by door.
    After Danielle and Stella left, Noah and the king continued there conversation.
    "I didnt tell her so she wouldint get freaked out."
    "but you told her you were a vampire and a prince. How freaked out can she get?"
    "She tried to run away."
    "so you caught her though"
    "still i dont think shell want to do this! Did you even tell her the hole thing?"
    "no i didnt" the king sighed.
    Soon after, Danielle walked back in wearing a black short dress. Everyone turned and stared at her in awe. Danielle looked beautiful.
    "so" She said" are we going to do this thing or not?"


    Danielle, Noah, and Millagan walked slowly through the woods. Danielle stoped once or twice to look around.
    "your slow. can we fly?" Millagan siad rudely.
    "i cant fly dummy" Danielle retorted.
    "didnt thay give you the blood?" Noah asked
    "no! All i drank is this kinda thick gross red juice." Danielle said as she remembered the foul drink.
    The two vampires stared at her. " omg your kidding right?!" Danielle screamed
    "its not that bad. havent you drank your own blood?"
    "yeah but it was my blood not some random thing!!" Danielle felt like barfing.
    "what ever you can fly know. All you need to do is think about it." Noah ended the conversation by closing his eyes.
    He started to shake and then slowly two black bat wings popped out. "damn..." Danielle said in awe.
    Then she looked at Millagan and saw that he had wings two but his was more like black bug wings.
    "you get differant kinds of wings for every person" Noah commented " go on, try it!"
    Danielle closed her eyes and tryed to think of her flying with with big angel wings. When she opened them again she could feel hands on her back so she spun around. Millagan were smileing at her. "what?"
    "your wings...are ok" Noah said looking down. "im... uh im going to go look for something" he said wile he ran between the trees.
    "whats up with him" Danielle asked as she looked at her repection in a puddle. She turned a bit to see her black angel wings
    "uhh well you see... he used to be in love with this vampire...but...she...well..." Millagan stuttered.
    "she tried to kill me but got caught and had to be exicuted by me." Noah said walking out of the trees with his head down and his black hair covering his gorgous pail blue eyes. There was an awkward silence and then finally Danielle said something.
    "so....lets go!" she said as she lifted off the ground. "ahhhhhh!" she screamed at the sudden change " i cant stop!" she yelled as she closed her eyes. Noah looked up and saw that she was out of control. He quickly shot up and grabbed her waiste.
    Then thay started to fly. Noah let go of her so she could learn by her self but she ended up almost falling. Noah grabbed her hand. and in the end thay were side by side holding hands flying wile Millagan was in front laughing his but off. Danielle looked down, and saw a tree that she had seen in her own world. She let go of noahs hand and quicly dived down towards the tree.
    Right before she hit the ground she swurved up so she could slow down and land on ther feet.
    Then she ran to the tree, climbed up it and grabbed a ripe green apple. Her eyes widened as she lost balance and fell on top of...Noah? Danielle quickly got up off of Noah. "Oh im sooo sorry!" she said wide eyed. " uhhh its ok" Noah said " but what is that?" he pointed to the apple. " its fruit that i have in my world to!" Danielle said excitedly as she sat beside the apple tree with her back against the trunk. She looked at it and bit into the apple like it was her life line. "gosh... i never new how good these apples
    tasted!" Danielle said wile munching on the juicy fruit. Noah and Millagan just stared at her. "wmhat?" she said with her mouth
    full. "uhhh well you just ate a really deadly fruit that no one here can eat..." Noah and millagan said. Danielle laughed. "you guys are weird... so its getting pretty dark... were are we going to sleep?' She asked.
    "...oh right...uhh well y not right here? I can make a fire... and millagan go find us and animal. Danielle you can eat the apples."
    Noah told them. Danielle started picking apples from the tree wile Noah started a fire and millagan left for an animal. Danielle
    dicided to leave wile thay fiested on the blood of the animal. So theres she was walking to god nows were. Suddenly she heard a
    twig break beind her. Danielle started to walk a bit faster. She could hear what ever was fallowing her was walking faster too.
    She turned around and said " Noah! stop it!". No answer. "NOAH!" she screamed. Still no answer. She started running. She tripped over a root and fell on the hard durty ground. Danielle quickly got up again and started to run but tripped again. This happend about five more times until she bashed into Noah. "what happened?!" he said as he looked at Danielle. She started crying. Her eyes got red and puffy. Noah pulled her close to him. She looked up at him sadly. He let his thumb gently wipe the tears away from her face. He looked into her gray eyes. There faces were only inches apart when...MILLAGAN ran out of the bushes. "oh
    is this a bad time?" he asked politely.
    "no" Noah said while sighing " go bring Danielle back to the camp and ill find out what was chaseing her."
    Noah came back soon after Danielle and Millagan got back.
    "Did you find enything?" Millagan asked.
    "nope" He said numbly
    Soon after thay desided to go to sleep.