It's sunday and as always school awaits.By morning I picked out the cutest outfit possible I could think of. Poptart,backpack,car in that order exactly my sparkling blue bug awaits."Hey Katie." "Hi Katie." Then there he was Marcus Haylings the best painter I'd ever known and most likely ever see. "Hi Marcus I like your hair." "Uh thanks shouldnt the popular table await you." "I figure they can wait." Brrrrrrrrring the bell gosh I was that close.

    Drama first,then skipping school,then math ,a summary of my life in one sentencs pathetic I know.
    "La,la,la,la,la,la,la." Yay Drama finished,ahh skipping school and getting good grades. Math is so finished..... then getting home that's the hard part.

    Fashion!! Rachel and I decided to go to the mall."Okay black skirt with light blue" I asked with anticapation. "Eh oh its cute how about me with the same skirt but with lime green?" "OMG we'd so be able to pull off as twins." Oh god my heart is pumping there he was at the food court."OMG ur looking at the painting kid what's his name anyway?" "Uhmm I was not!" "You were and everyone is so gonna know you like him!"

    I will write Chapter 2 very soon for now rate and comment.