• In my eyes, a minute didn't exist, neither did an hour nor a day. Weeks...no luck, months...hardly. Years oh well years seemed to only last an instant.
    I have always been lonely, ever since I was borne into this earth where my roots hold me tight. I have not spoken to anyone for centuries. All I do is watch, and listen, and learn from strange creatures.
    Little insects that crawl through the grass mutter things under their breath, cats that run up my old trunk mewl their story of life to me. Dogs bark every night letting me know what they think about their lives, birds perch upon my great old branches and chat with each other about how it is great to fly in the sky.
    The wind whispers to me all the time and occasion throws a fit resulting in the loss of my leafs that it takes away. The beams of light fall upon me sharing their warmth and cooing to me about the universe. Mother moon and her children the stars tell me about distant places far away from where I am rooted. Water falls from the sky showering me and exclaims to me it can give sustain life of others, it looks so joyful before it returns to the earth.
    Many things whisper knowledge to me while I sit here, and yet I can do nothing to reply.

    Out of all the things I have observed, the most peculiar had to be what was called a "human". It stood on two legs, had two arms, and a round head with skin. It barely had fur like other animals and it's skin was warm. These humans puzzled me and I watched as they made houses and eventually made a village that I overlooked.
    The little ones always played in the streets while the adults cooked and worked and these humans acted selfishly sometimes.
    Like for instance, a man asked a woman to share her crop with him and his poor family and the woman refused telling him she would not waste her own crop on him. So cruel...how could she?

    I began to watch these humans for centuries until one day I met one that was peculiar. He had silky black hair that but off at his shoulders and crystal blue eyes that looked lost...lonely...and sad. He came up to me and put a hand on my trunk, crying his eyes out and falling to his knees infront of me.
    "Why?! Why did daddy have to leave me here?! Why did momma have to die?! Why...why...am I alone now?! I want mama and daddy!!!!"
    His words were pain filled and I could tell that this boy was just as lonely as me if not more. So desperately I reached out for him.
    Little boy...why do you cry? I was surprised that I could speak...after years of being silent. My voice reached out to him.
    "Who is that?!" He had asked, his head snapping up as he backed against my trunk.
    It is I, the lonely tree that you are leaning on. I ask again what is wrong little boy?
    He wiped tears rom his eyes that were only replaced by more tears. "Mama died and daddy left me here and never came back!" He looked at me with those pure blue eyes.
    It seems you too are lonely...come listen to me little boy. Sit atop my branch and look out at the sky.
    A bit reluctantly, the boy climbed my trunk and sat atop the first branch he could reach and did exactly as I told him.
    "The sun looks so warm and inviting from up here." He said bluntly, the tears in his eyes vanishing.
    Little boy you and I have very much in common. Would you like to hear a story? I have been around a long time and have plenty. Come, listen.

    For the next two years the boy visited me each day and I shared a new story with him about the world. He listened, and smiled, and cried, and laughed. I felt great in this time when he and I were able to understand each other and talk. Then I told him one day as he dozed against my trunk that he would soon meet someone to share his knowledge with and that after he did...if he would like to join me in a one way trip.
    Then the day came when he met a young girl who watched him as he observed life. He began to share our knowledge with her and she understood it well.

    The night after the young boy finished telling the girl our stories he came to me late at night.
    "Great tree," he addressed me in a formal way. "What do we do now?"
    I took a long pause before I answered him.
    We leave. There is no longer anything to learn from this world. Little boy...do you still wish to come with me on my one way trip?
    He smiled and put his arms as far as he could around my large trunk. "I was so lonely until i met you Great Tree. I would like to come with you no matter what."
    So with that, both the little boy and I disappeared from the earth...leaving no trace of where we had gone...simply that we had vanished and we made our way to the heavens together...knowing that we had left our knowledge with someone worthy.