• Melissa Johnson grew up ordinary as can be. She had long brown hair and plain brown eyes and pale skin. All her life she had been ordinary and then when she entered high school she began to change. She got taller her freshmen year and in her sophomore year her hair darkened from brown to black. In her junior year her eyes began to get lighter and by the end of her senior year she had alienated everyone that had cared about her at all. No one was surprised that Melissa had become Valedictorian of her class and when she stepped up to give her speech at Graduation, everyone clapped.

    Today is a day of change!” she started. “It is a day to leave behind our former selves and take the first step into adulthood. Today when you all leave here you will take the next step of your lives.” She yelled out. But while everyone clapped and applauded at her speech she stood still at the podium, chuckling under her breath. She spoke into the microphone again. “But the truth is none of you will leave here, not alive anyway.” She grinned and the skin near her mouth tore wider, revealing large sharp teeth. Her fingers became engorged and tore open also, revealing large black claws. Melissa grew taller and wider until her figure consumed the center stage, a bladed tail winded its way out of her lower spine and enormous wings tore out of her shoulder blades. Everyone in the building heard the snapping of bones and the tearing of skin as she transformed into a hulking demon. Then the killings began.

    People tried to run and she tore them to pieces, rending flesh from muscle and muscle from bone. People ran screaming and discord took control and the screams changed from that of panic to those of pain as people were cut down. After the slaughter Melissa screamed and lashed her tail around. She snapped at the air and spread her wings, flying up and tearing though the ceiling. The few survivors that were taken to the hospital and found to have gone completely insane at the horror they had witnessed. All they could talk about with the screams of the dead and dying and the horrible figure of Melissa that would haunt them in their nightmares for the rest of their lives.