• A quiet path gravel pathway that lead no where in particular. Grass trailed aimlessly along the side, the occasional flower or wild plant greeted the viewer's eyes with a kind soft colour.
    A dog gave a deep bark as it ran across the grassland, bulky and black, the striding dog was followed by a smaller and merry terrier.
    There was nothing odd about this scene except the lilly white cat that prowled playfully after the dogs.
    Following behind were to figures, walking peacefully and enjoying the night time walk. Both were painted in the moon's glow, allowing any passerby to briefly see them.
    The man was tall, short hair but with an abnormally long fringe in his face. Lip piercing and ear rings in his ears. Eyeliner under his dark brown eyes.
    The woman that clung lovingly to his arm had black hair that went just past her shoulders.
    Both walked calmly, seemingly in no particular hurry. The dogs tumbled on the grass playing. The terrier trying to snatch the stick his alsatian companion held proudly in his jaws.
    The cat watched as the two dogs played, it was a little too rough for her so she didn't join in. She instead turned to look at the humans following. They had stopped now to whisper sweet words to one another. The cat yawned and trotted on.
    The man and woman soon began to walk on again, the man had put his arm around the woman this time.
    They passed another person, walking quickly, obviously in a hurry to get somewhere. No words were exchanged, the couple were too busy bathing in each other's gaze.
    The dogs ran ahead tumbling over the grass, the couple pulling away from each other long enough to laugh at the dogs as they played.
    The cat was now walking in time with the two people, her white fur glorified by the moonlight.
    The woman shivered a little, having forgotten her coat, expecting the night to be warmer then this. The man smiled and spoke softly to her, cuddling her closer to keep her warm. Offering his jacket, but declined with a shake of the head and a kiss on the cheek.
    The pair walked on, the sound of minor traffic clearer now as the man whistled the dogs to him and put them on leads.
    The woman took the terrier, who now was carrying the prized stick, the alastian was held by the man, sulking after loosing his treasure.
    The cat lead in front of the terrier calmly, flicking her fluffy tail in his face. The terrier made no move to bite or pull on the tail.
    The couple laughed as they watched the animals. The woman looked behind her, her eyes resting one last time on the peaceful scene before walking on, huddling herself into her lover.
    The moonlight crawled after them, begging them to stay and continue the happiness that followed them. But the couple and animals walked on, not another word to each other, just the peaceful sound of silence.