• "Elliot" cried Jim "leave him" shouted Joe "no" screamed Jim "its to late we need to get back to H.Q" exclaimed Joe "pick him up" "NO" stressed "PICK HIM UP YOU" shouted Jim Joe was about to reply when a grenade blew up 50 feet away so he grabbed Elliot's arms and Jim grabbed his legs and they ran back to H.Q with their back packs rattling like the bones of their dead friends who’s pictures were flashing through their heads
    they had been running for two hours and Elliot's foot injury was getting worse and Joe was getting tired. Jim got the map out of his bag as he looked at it a wide grin came across his sweating face "only one more k to go" he shouted with glee Elliot's eyes widened and a massive smile appeared on his face. Joe grabbed Elliot's legs and Jim grabbed his arms and they dashed of to H.Q.
    "Will he be alright" asked Joe "yes he's fine he should be out in a about a month" rofl Joe walked over to Jim and whispered to him "Elliot is going to be alright" "Yes" shouted Joe