• Derlick quietly walked with a man in a black suit, following him through the military base, S.I.N.S. S.I.N.S stood for Super Intelligence National Sector, a place he would be for a couple of days, to train and prepare for Operation Black Dragon, an assignment in South Korea, where they would be air lifted, and the parachute down to an old Rice Plantation. At the moment, he followed the man to the Armory, where he could meet his team, and get to know them. The man in the black suit bashed the door open, and walked in, Derlick followed, the door slamming shut behind him. The black suited man nodded to the team. They were assembled of three men and a woman. The woman was obviously the medic, considering she was surrounded by needles and medical kits.
    Derlick looked at the woman and the men.
    The woman introduced herself as Isabella 'healer' Smith. The three other men, the heavy, was named Jerry 'Blaster' Smith, it seemed like the team was related. A team of related people would cause trouble. The other two men were James 'The Gun' Madison, and Willie 'Braveheart' Adia.
    He glared at them. The black suited man said, "This is Derlick. Otherwise known as, Ranger. He will be your field commander. You are to do as he says, even if it requires dis-obeying any order issued by Us." The man turned, and walked out.
    Derlick faced the team. "Get your asses in shape, run fourty miles around the track outside, then hit the showers!"He shouted. "Yes, Sir!"They shouted in unison, and ran outside, and immediately ran aroudn the track. Ranger looked at the mess they left in the armory.
    "Idiots.." he said. "Without organization, the world would be as messy as a 8 year olds room after his birth day." He said with a slight grin. Derilck quietly walked to a metal locker. He wrenched it open. Inside it contained his ghillie suit and a g3 with an ACOG scope and silencer. He un-screwed the silencer, and chucked the g3 into a bin labeled "Failures." it was labeled failures because he chucked every gun he failed with into it, and there were only two in it. A barret, and the G3.
    He looked around the armory. He surveyed the guns.
    He stripped down to his boxers, and yanked some military issue shorts and jersey. He put them on, and slid a band weighing 100 pounds around his waist. He walked to a bar that was against the wall. He gripped it, and began to pull himself up on it.
    He glanced at the door. The team was returning, already. 'Fast...' he thought. He wasn't impressed though, he could do it in a fourth of the time they did.
    The woman walked in first, followed by the three men. All of them watched him, as they readied their gear for the drop tomorrow at 0430.
    He continued lifting himself up on the bar, and eventually reached 400. He dropped, and took the belt off. He glanced at his waist. The area where the belt had been was slightly red.
    He walked into the showers, just as they were leaving. All of them had dressed into their combat underclothes, which consisted of dark green pants and a white tank top.
    He glanced at them. They looked warn out. He said, 'Hit the sack, its 9pm already," just as they left. They said 'Yes.' right before the door closed.
    Derlick washed thoroughly, then dried himself off with a white towel.
    He shook his hair out. It had grown a bit since he had joined the military, when he had joined, it was about an inch long. Now it was 7 inches long, and got in his way alot. He didn't care though, it added to his 'Rogue' image.
    He stepped out of the shower, and slid on his combat underclothes. He quietly walked into the barracks. I. Smith was on a top bunk, and Madison and Adia were in the beds parallel to it, while J. Smith was in the bunk below Isabellas. He smacked a button on his clock that set the alarm to 0345 hours tomorrow morning.
    He stepped into his bed, and wrapped up in his blankets.

    Several hours later. The alarm blared in Derlick's ear. He woke instantly, and smashed his fist down on the alarm clock, smashing it. "Woops..." he said quietly.
    "RISE AND SHINE, SLEEPING BEAUTIES!!" he shouted, the team was up instantly, as he walked out of the room.
    He yanked on his military pants, which were brown and black, the color of dirt.
    He strapped on his bulletproof vest, 'DragonSkin' they called it. It was named that because it stood up to a grenade at point blank range.
    Derlick selected a Desert eagle as his secondary weapon, and then a black M16 with an ACOG scope, silencer and grenade launcher attacked to it. He also reached across a shelf, and yanked a silver knife off of it. He slid it into a hole in his boot,. so it would be easy to grab. He looked at the others. They were all equipped in the same clothes.
    I. Smith had a black m14 with a grenade launcher and small bayonet and a standard issue CORPS pistol. He looked at J. Smith He had an a gun called the Skorpion, which was made around 1980s, and his secondary weapon was a Mini Uzi, also made around the 1980s. He looked at Madison, who had made a good decision on guns. He held an RPD, fully automatic machine gun, and a RPG was strapped across his back. He nodded in approval. Adia had a silver katana strapped across his back, and two pistols in his waistband, and a black m21 sniper rifle in his hands.
    "MOVE TO THE DROPSHIP, ON THE DOUBLE!"he shouted. They all replied, "Yes, Sir!"
    Derlick bashed open a door, and lead the jog to the gunship that awaited them. He boarded it, and sat on a side seat, beside the door. All of them sat across from him
    He reached over, and yanked a radio on the wall.
    "We're all ready, get this heap of s**t in gear!"he shouted. The plane shuddered to a start, and moved incredibly fast for a heap of junk. They were up in the plane in a matter of minutes.

    So began, Operation Black Dragon..