• Chapter I

    As the dim moonlight shined down on the beautiful garden of roses, a handsome boy was waiting for me as he held out a perfect red rose. I looked up to thank him but I couldn't see his face. He suddenly disappeared and the rose he had given me turned black. The rose was now tainted with red liquid...it was blood. I found myself running in in a pitch black hall with scattered blood with screams of terror everywhere I turned... I reached a dead-end. A man in a coal black coat suddenly appeared. He pulled out a dagger and swung it. The next thing you knew he plunged the dagger into my heart. My eye sight started to blur....I don't get it....Why was I still alive......Then something caught my eye. It was the boy.The man in the coat approached him, lifted his dagger and-
    THUD! I found myself on the floor. I was still at Organization Chronos. Another dream about that boy.... Who was he? I'll think about it later. After I got dressed I noticed a letter on my table. I opened it. It read:

    Number XIII, Amaya Cross,
    You are to be imported to Earth and end up at the house you will be staying in (it is a rented room) for an extermination mission. Your target is Sakura Mitsuko a Tenketsu Angel. She is attending Shinjuku High, you will be going to that school tomorrow. You must gather information about Mitsuko, then I will give you the signal to destroy her.

    Great. More work. Well it's a Teanketsu Angel so this might be fun. After my clothing and weapons were packed I headed for the teleporter -which I never used before- and was immediately transported to the house I would be staying in. I headed for my room, then started to unpack. I noticed a box on my bed it read: SCHOOL UNIFORM. I opened it inside was a...dress.....I HAVE TO WEAR A DRESS!?!?!? Ah well at least it was gothic-lolita style with only black and white colors.
    Ugh.....now I was bored with no one to mess with.... I'm going to sleep.
    The next morning people were staring at me already... I just wore my uniform with a cross choker, black and white striped stockings or was it because of my purple eyes and black and white hair? I ignored the stares. It's fun to stick out being plain is too boring. When I entered the gates of Shinjuku High it grew silent. I ignored it and sat on a bench under the shade of a cherry blossom tree. After the bell rang I headed to class.
    "Students" The teacher said "We have a new transfer student, introduce yourself"
    "Amaya Cross"
    "Well Amaya, sit there next to Zero Kitsune" She said "Oh yes, Zero can you give Amaya a tour of the school since you have most of her classes" I looked at him he was staring straight at me. He wasn't looking at me like everybody else but as if I was someone he knew... As I sat down the girl in front of me turned around. It was Mitsuko.
    "HI!! I'm Sakura, Sakura Mitsuko!" She said. She had light brown hair with sky blue eyes."Not to be mean but your gonna be stared at and probably gossiped about" Like I didn't know that.
    "It's because I look and dress weird"
    "Besides that you are sitting next to the HOTTEST GUY IN SCHOOL!!!!" She said OUT LOUD"Not that I like him...he's too......scary.....he creeps me out and he's mean..." It was clear to me now. Sakura Misuko is a TOTAL AIRHEAD. I looked at Zero. He had white hair with sad gray eyes and a...mark? There was a weird mark on his neck....
    "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!" Sakura teased.
    "I barely know him what makes you you think I love him stupid?"
    "You're so mean!"
    "I'm built to be mean"I said. Class went by so fast because I fell asleep....
    "Zero Kitsune" Zero said as I got up.
    "So you have a lot of fans..." I said as I saw the love-struck girls. He stayed quiet. He reminded me of someone.... His presence was familiar....
    "WAIT UP!!!!"
    "Sakura...." I said as I turned around.
    "You guys walk too fast!"
    "You walk too slow" Zero said
    "HE SPEAKS!!!" Sakura squealed as she hid behind me. After the next class it was lunch. Wow.....the food was high-class. "Surprised about the food?"
    "Yes"I said even that I had no need for food.
    "You know Zero never eats"
    "I TOLD YOU, I-DO-NOT-LOVE-ZERO!"I said as I grabbed an apple.
    "You aren't getting the food?"
    "No Sakura..."I sighed.
    "Stop calling me Sakura, nobody calls me Sakura call me Cherry!"I sat down under the shade of the trees. Great. Zero was there too.
    "Why are you sitting next to me?"
    "Sakura keeps talking"
    "HEY! I'm right here!"
    "What does that have to do with sitting next to me?"
    "She talks less around you and she clings onto me"I said as I put my headphones on. I soon fell asleep... When I opened my Zero was staring at me."Why are you staring at me?"
    "I was waiting for you too wake up...." I was gonna ask him why then I noticed that I was on his lap.
    "AHH!" I blushed as I got up....I never blushed before...
    "UWAH!! Amaya looks so cute blushing!!!!!!!!"
    "IT'S CHERRY! And I heard that for science we get to work in groups!"
    "The teacher picks the groups.."Zero said.
    "HA! I already told the teacher I wanted to be with Amaya!"
    "Lets just go to class..."I said
    We sat together in class but Zero was behind me."Zero was staring at you when you were sleeping" Sakura giggled.