• "Let's fight!" I said as I held a fist outward toward Kakashi. Kakashi (my sensi) looked at me confused as he looked up from his book.
    "Really?? What’s with YOU all of a sudden?" he asked. I smiled and started to tighten my bell collar that was around my neck,
    "Aunty just showed me a new move...and she said if I can use it then I can learn medical jutsu under Her teachings..." I said and smiled, "So let's fight."
    "Are you sure?" he asked me. I looked at him confused,
    "Are you sure it's a good idea to fight against me? You could kill me if you don't use the move
    "It won't kill you I swear."
    "Then what would happen if I get deathly hurt?"
    "You're not that easy to get that's why I want to fight....why are you trying to make a excuse anyway?" I asked crossing my arms. Kakashi smiled nervously and rubbed the back of his head,
    "I actually was hoping to relax today, but if you insist..." I gasped as his body disappeared and I felt something grab my neck gently. "then you have a deal..." he whispered. I skidded away from him and smiled at him grimly,
    "Hmph....no matter you wanted to relax, you were training too huh senpai?" I asked him. Kakashi tightened his gloves and smiled at me,
    "Yes...so want to get going?" he asked. I took a deep breath and charged at him. He seemed to dodge the little move as if it was childs play but I quickly spun on the ground making him trip. He placed his hand under himself and did a back flip to land on his feet again about ten feet away from me. He told me that he knew I was training harder then he thought.
    "Yeah, I try to hard sometimes as you know." I said and looked at the bandages that covered my hands and my arms completely. Kakashi then came at me with such speed it took me a while to catch up to him. I used my forearms as he tried to punch me and kick me. He seemed very surprised that I was able to grab his foot and tried to throw him away but he only made it a few feet.
    "You're strength has improved to Chi-chan." Kakashi said. I told him I know and he came at me again. When I blocked one of his punched it went right on my bruise on my forearm and I flinched, I then skidded away quickly and took a quickly glance at it to make sure it didn't open up. I saw Kakashi smile and I knew only one thing...'Oh crap...he found my weakness.' I thought and I charged at him but this time with a kunai knife. He took his out too and he blocked it easily. In a small flick the kunai got my bandages and cut the whole thing off my arm. He gasped as he saw the bruises and the stitches on my right arm.
    "I don't think we should be doing this...."
    "Why senpai? It's only training."
    "You can get more hurt."
    "I don't really care," I said sarcastically and I estimated on how far away he was. "Perfect."
    "What?" he asked looking at me curiously. I smiled and clenched my right hand into a fist.
    "NOW!" I yelled as I punched the ground. The whole ground from around me came up and made Kakashi fly in the air. I then caught up to his body by jumping onto some rocks and punched him making it go across to another tree. I gasped as his body disappeared.
    "A shadow clone?"
    "That was close..." a voice said. I looked and saw that Kakashi came from behind the tree with a hole on his shirt located near the chest.
    "Sorry about that...I don't think the move worked." I said. Kakashi smiled,
    "Of course it did, you just have to wait for the right moment ok?" he asked. I bowed to him smiling but he didn't see,
    "Thank you, I think I should..."
    "What? Don't tell me you're giving up already!"
    Just then there was a loud scream. Me and Kakashi looked toward where the scream came from and froze,
    "What was that?" I asked when there was another scream Kakashi got into battle mode.
    "Ichigo -chan, let's go."

    To be continued.......^^