• Darius and Julie ran through the forest, something following them.

    "Run Julie!"Darius shouted, not bothering to look back, considering that she was slightly faster than him. "I know!" she said desperately, still running.
    They both looked back, and noticed they weren't being followed. All the same though, they continued running until they saw their house. They ran inside, and flung into the kitchen, and julie grabbed their mom...
    "Lord!" She gasped. "What happened to y'all children?!?!" she said..
    "We were being..chased..."Breathed out a tired Darius.
    She snatched up the phone instantly, and dialed the police station. She talked on the phone for a while, while Darius and Julie walked into the living room, and turned on the news.
    Their mother walked into the room. "I just talked with the police, they're sending units to patrol the forest." she said.
    Darius and Julie sighed with relief.

    The Next Day.

    Darius and Julie hopped on the bus for school, and sat in the front seat together.
    He smiled, and took out his iPod, and handed it to Julie, who thanked him, and turned it on, and listened to some music. Darius took out a book, and began to read.
    Darius and Julie got off the bus at school. It was a big school, but held only one grade.
    They walked into the cafeteria, and sat at a table while they waited for the bell to go to class.
    A couple hours later.....
    They hopped on the bus, Darius was loaded with homework. Julie took his bag, and began to work on his homework. "Thanks julie," darius said, smiling slightly. She nodded, and apparently had already finished his math work.
    He looked, baffled at her speed and intelligence...
    "Seriously....."he said, smiling...
    The bus slid to a stop several minutes later.
    Julie handed Darius his bag back, and stepped off the bus. Darius followed suit, and followed her through the forest. They were both scared out of their wits at the possibility of the person coming back to chase them...
    After a while, Julie realized that Darius was no longer behind her.
    She gasped, and spun in a circle, and began to look around frantically...
    She had heard about a murdered who killed children, and the most recent ones had been their classmate, Jason. They had found out that the person Identified himself as, 'Dark'
    She turned, and began to run, scared out of her mind..
    She heard footsteps....
    She looked back, as she noticed a person, shrouded by the trees shadows.
    He was fast. The person ran up, and managed to kick the back of her leg. She fell onto her chest, as the person got on her back, and turned her over. She still couldn't see the persons face. Two hands were pressed to her neck. The person's face fell into view. Her eyes widened. On top of her, choking her to death, was Darius. Darius smiled wickedly.
    "Your stupid, all of you people are stupid." He snarled...
    "All you have to do, is take IUS out of darius, and then you have dark, if you add on K...." She whimpered, as tears began to spill down her cheeks.
    'Dark..."she whimpered quietly, before her vision faded into Darkness....

    A week later.

    Darius stood in front of a coffin, fake silent tears spilling down his cheeks.
    In his head, his thoughts were totally different..
    'What a baby, that idiot deserved to die. It was fun killing her...'
    The police had found her body a day after darius had chocked her. There was no evidence of the murderer. Her body had been cut into pieces, all of them with the word, 'Dark' etched in them.
    He was the only one left at the pile of dirt now beginning to cover the coffin...
    He stepped down into the cove, onto her coffin with a rock, he carved ' Dark ' in the wood.