• Immortal Chronicles chapter 1.

    Angel started to run down the hallway of his fathers castle he couldn’t believe his eyes, how could he have killed his mother!
    Tears streaming down his face- being only 10 years old you’re aloud to cry- as he ran out of the castle into the night.
    Now sitting at a large dining table with a couple others of his kind, the last to be exact, trying to figure out what they were going to do with the prince of their kind dead.
    “Angel is the last of the royal line; I think he should replace Acoo.” Stated Arcos sighing running a hand through his red and black hair.
    Tory sighed looking at the soon to be heir, “I agree with Arco since he is in the royal line he is last in line to be immortal lord.” She twirled a piece of her blond hair. Angel snored softly, and then snapped awake when someone at the table hit him over the head.
    “What? – I’m awake! I wasn’t sleeping.” He smiles sheepishly, and then sits straight. “Alright what did I miss?”
    “We’ve declared you the new immortal lord, of both demonic beings, angelic beings and of course humans.” Arcos said standing up.
    Sandora yawned sitting up in her bed and stretching, she hated being cooped up in this mansion with that new young lord, what was his name? Angel? Yeah that’s it.
    “Another day of serving the wealthy…. Another day being a servant.” She sighed getting out of bed.
    A bell wrung beside her bed loudly, making her jump.
    “Looks like he’s awake…” she says running out of her room and up the stairs.
    Angel sighed, where is that new servant girl? Just as he thought it she walked into his chambers with his breakfast.
    “I’m sorry I’m a little late with your breakfast, milord” sandy said putting the tray gently on his lap.
    Angel looked at the new servant girl, she had golden blond hair that had a slight curl to it, he could only imagine what it looked like when the sun Shawn on it. “Um, yes thank you…. Miss?”
    “Sandy, well my name is Sandora Terrona but most just call me Sandy.” She smiled as she straightened.
    “Is there anything else I can get you milord?” she asked politely.
    “Um I don’t think there is, but thank you for breakfast, oh and Sandy- you do know that you’re my assistant?” at his words she stopped and looked at him. “I was told to be your maid for cleaning, delivering packages, laundering, and on the cooks’ day off cook.”
    “Oh yes of course, I must have mistaken you for Sandra. I’m sorry; please continue with your work.” He smiled dismissing her from his chambers.
    Later that day after the sun had fallen and the moon had risen, Angel left his mansion and went for a short walk around the small town of Reansocka in which he was to protect from demonic evil beings and of course the odd rough angelic being as well as human. As he walked he heard a soft voice, quite beautiful, singing in his garden, it was open to the public to come and play music or sing and dance. He rounded the corner to find Sandora on the small platform singing a nice tune for the spectators. He watched her twirl and dance to the music, and then sing a song and at last she bowed as people clapped their approval. Could she be an Angelic being? If she were I would have named her Angelica not Sandora. He thought flatly, moving back into the shadows.

    Sandy smiled brightly as some of the spectators gave her money, she could put all her earnings into her savings box under her matris in her room, this would go toward her clothing and shoes that she needed so badly. “Very good performance Miss.” Said a gentleman then added. “I think you need this money more than most.” Then he walked away. They have no idea. Sandy gathered up the money and started to head back to the mansion to retire for the night, but just as she reached the door a hand cupped her mouth silencing her scream. She struggles then a cloth comes over her mouth and nose, breathing in the chemical. Her body relaxes against the person her eyes closing; she falls into a deep sleep.

    Arcos smiled as the human servant girl’s body relaxes against him, “Good, now the little lord will know I mean business….” He laughs as he disappears; he reappears in another mansion, his mansion, just out side of Reansocka. She really was a beautiful angelic being, he knew that she was always told that she was human, but her immortal glow said otherwise.
    He set her on his bed, tying her wrists and ankles to the bed posts; she moans slowly waking up he watches as she tenses looking up at him.
    “Who are you?! Where am I?” she says trying to get free.
    “That wont work, love.”
    “Who are you? I’ve seen you before, in Lord Angel’s mansion…”
    “I’m Arcos, an elder in the immortal council to protect angelic being, demonic beings, and humans.” He says smiling.
    Arcos runs his hand over her stomach and then down one of her thighs, smiling as she shivers from his touch.
    “What are you? You’re cold…” she shudders.
    “I’m a vampire…Your angelic, so your blood will be sweet as honey nectar.” He purrs on her neck, reviling as she shivers again.
    Angel walked soundly though the town of Reansocka, he stopped suddenly aware that one of his servant girls had just been kidnapped. “Oh hell, I guess the council wants my attention.” He sighs disappears then reappears behind Arcos, stroking Sandora, reviling in her shuddering and shivers.
    “Okay, you have my attention, Elder. Leave her alone.” He said darkly.
    “Well Angel it took you long enough, would you like me to stop torturing her? Or would you like me to make love to her in front of you?” Arcos said softly, licking her neck and laughing as she screams softly trying to move away. Angel growls grabbing the elder by the back of his shirt, throwing him across the room letting him hit the wall.
    “I am the protector of Demonic, Angelic, and Human beings!” Angel shouted.
    “I will not allow you to have your way with someone I’m protecting!” he snarled moving forward, sending a savage punch into Arcos face. Hearing the crack of his nose breaking Angel backs off, turning toward Sandora. He unties her picking her up, “Are you alright?” he asks softly.
    “Yeah…I think I am…” she says rather dazed, she looks into his eyes; she was surprised to see how beautiful his eyes were. They were a light blue but dark in a way, it appeared to have silvers flecks in them. She was mesmerized by his angelic but demonic features.
    “Wh-what are you?” she asked softly touching his cheek, only to have him take her hand in his more powerful one and set it to her side.
    “I’m an immortal being; I am part vampire, and part angel.” He whispered to her as he muttered a silent spell to make her sleep.