• Frieza: Get back here monkey!
    Goku teleports away.
    Frieza: I have a senzu bean.
    Then Shadow appears using chaos control.
    Shadow: Mine!
    Then Goku pets Shadow on the head Shadow was still chewing then bean.
    Goku (in a sweet baby voice): Who's a good boy?
    Then Shadow finishes the bean, lyes on his back, and Goku begins rubbing Shadow's stomach. Frieza starts gawking at them both.
    Frieza: You stupid hegdehog!
    Then he pulls out a mask and goes booga-booga-booga and Shadow gets scared, his eyes poped out and his teeth went flying out of his mouth.
    Goku: Frieza you b***h! you scared Shadow. Are you ok Shadow?(in a baby voice)
    Shadow: hm-hmm
    Goku: Good, now sick him boy.
    Shadow is on a leash and charges at Frieza with Goku still holding on to the other end.
    Goku(shouting): Chi-chi stop this crazy thing!!!
    Amy: Chi-chi?!, who's Chi-chi?
    Then Piccolo appears
    Piccolo: Yeah Goku who's Chi-chi?
    Goku: Ummmm. Shadow Chaos control.
    But Shadow already used it for himself.
    Goku: Shadow!!!
    Shadow ends up in Hell. He sits on the bed then takes the control, turns on the tv and the Three's Company theme begins. Shadow changes the channel but its the same thing on every channel. Then Shadow gets on his knees.
    Shadow(in spanish): Jeseus, Porqueeeeeeee?!
    Sonic: Shadow what are you doing?
    Shadow: Sonic, why are you in Hell?
    Sonic: Beacuse I wanted to have sex with Chi-chi. Well this is Hell.
    Shadow: Well this isn't so bad.
    Sonic: Oh really.
    Reaches for the back the back of his head and pulls down a zipper revealing Amy.
    Amy: So who's Chi-chi?
    Shadow(again): Jeseus, Porqueeeeee?! OH MY GOD this is Hell!
    Then he wakes up from a dream.
    Shadow: Whoo it was all a dream. Hey Sonic when did you get here?
    Sonic I'm not Sonic.
    Then he grabs his face and pulls it off and it turns out to be Rouge.
    Shadow Ohhh. Rouge it's just you.
    Then Rouge takes off her face like a mask and it was Amy again. Shadow screams.
    Chi-chi: AAAHH!
    Man: What's wrong honey?
    Chi-chi: Nothing go back to sleep Tails
    Tails: Okay. Good night buddy.
    Piccolo: Night Tails.