• Leaping out of bed to a loud blood curling scream, the young girl looked around her room anxiously, her chest heaving up and down as she tried to find the source of the scream. She heard the scream again and slipped out of her bed. The scream wasn't far, she took a few steps but suddenly stopped when the sound of bones cracking and flesh tearing filled her house. She gulped and opened her bed room door and ran out into the hall. She could hear whimpering along with an evilly familiar laugh. She ran through the hall and turned the corner with lightning speeds only stop dead in tracks as the site in front of her was one she would never forget, and even though the entire house was dark she could see what was happening clearly as if it was day. There on his hands and knees crying was an angel. A real angel, his face was twisted and fixed in such a painful expression that it made the little girls skin crawl.

    Mind you, the little girl was no older the six years. Standing over the angel was a dark shadowy figure, she couldn't make out his face, all she could see was a pair of narrow crimson eyes looking down on its victim. The figure pulled at the remainder angel's right wing until it was completely ripped off of his body. The angel let out another cry, it looked as if he was unable to move his hands because they were bound tightly together and yet he was able to keep from collapsing. The angel turned his bloody face and his pale blue eyes on the girl. He seemed to mouth the words Run but was pulled back by the figure over him as it began to rip off his left wing. There was still a stub from where the right wing had been ripped of the back of the poor angel.

    The girl would stay in the door way until the figure fished torturing the angel, then when the figure caught sight of the girl a toothy smile spread across his lips as he approached the girl. The angel now lay on the ground bleeding profusely. He couldn't die from bleeding to death but it did hurt him. The figure stood over the girl while she reached her arms up to the figure in a loving childish way. The figure picked her up and spun her around. The little girl defiantly knew who this was, his face was smooth showing very little signs of aging, and his eyes were now light blue like the girls. She smiled at the man and through her arms around him.

    "What are you doing down here, Clair?" The man asked the girl.

    "I heard a scream." She said with a grin as he pulled her back too look at her face. She looked around his head at the disappointed angel. "Who's that daddy?" She asked pointing at the blonde angel.

    "That is just one of daddies friends." He said with a smile.

    "Really?" She said watching her father nod. "I like him! He's pretty!" She cheered.

    "Really? You think so?" The dad raised a brow as Clair nodded happily. "Well then. You can have him if you want." Clair's father said with a shrug and sat her down on the floor. She happily ran over to the dying angel and grabbed his bound hands happily.

    "Come play with me!" She said with a joyful smile. The angel looked a her blankly before forcing a smile through all his pain.
    "Lucifer you are twisted." The angel spat in the direction of the devil as Clair untied the angel.

    "What? I let you live didn't I? Now you can entertain my daughter". Lucifer smiled innocently before leaving the room.

    "What's your name? My name is Clair." She smiled as she tossed the rope on the floor and the angel sat up using his newly freed arms as support. He looked over in the corner where his, once white, wings sat. He then ran a hand through his bloody blonde locks.

    "My name is Gabriel. Pleasure to meet you Clair." He shot a weak smile at her. "I’m sorry but I’m afraid I don't have the energy to play with you right now." He watched as her eyes began to weald up with tears. "But I promise. If your dad hasn't killed me by tomorrow then I'll play with you, ok?" He asked. Clair nodded and smiled.

    "You can sleep in my room! Then we’ll play tomorrow!" Clair used the strength she inherited from her father to pull the angel to his feet and lead him to her room and before she could do anything else he collapse on the floor and fell into a silent sleep. Clair ran to her closet and pulled out a large blanket and draped it over the angel. Then she climbed into her bed and squirmed before someone walked into her room. She smiled up at her father as he bent down to give her a kiss on the forehead.

    "Your room reeks of holy blood, I'll have the demons clean it in the morning. And watch over that angel. He's your new best friend." He said brushing some hair out of her face. He was surprisingly sweet for the devil, though it was only to Clair. He turned and left her room not paying any mind to the sleep angel.

    "Good night Dad."

    "Good night Clair." Lucifer called from down the hall.

    "Good night Gabriel."