"Kaytlen! Kaytlen!?" Matthews voice cuts through the cold white of Mt. Everest. "KAYTLEN?" The voice hits a thin figure and it turns around. "What is it Matthew!?" asks Kaytlen. "The forcast calls for a severe blizzard! We can look for the Ice Element crystal tommorow. I know you can't feel the cold since your an elf but I can!" The Hooded head ponders Matthews words. Fine we'll head back. "Good!" says Matthew muttering to himself he turns on his heel and falls. " Kaaaaaaaaayyyyyyytllllllleennnnnn." The words resound out of the creavice that opened up and swallowed him. "Matthew!" Kaytlen is powerless but she mutters the telep[ortation spell and vanishes off the mountain. As she fades a glint catches her eye. The Crystal that then falls into the creavice and emits a flash of blue. As a mysterious fog rolls off the mountain you can hear a soft Moan emiting from all sides of the mountain.