• “You cannot mean it, father. You truly mean to do this? You swore on mothers grave there would be no other. How could you break such a promise?” Lyria watched her father pacing the room as she sat in a soft green velvet chair. She sighed as she could barely breathe in the corset she was wearing under her green dress and brown petty coat..
    “Some things are necessary in order to bring more stature and title to our family.” He grunted hoarsely then leaned against his desk.
    “That’s all you care about? You already know your bride-to-be doesn’t like me. You might as well send me as a servant to the queen. I’d prefer it over living with her.” She said not being serious about the servant to the queen.
    Her father frowned obviously in serious thought. He then smiled saying, “That’s actually sounds like a good idea.”
    Vinala her soon-to-be mother in law steadily walked into the room. Apparently she was ease-dropping, for she spoke suddenly, “Actually, my dear. I’ve got the forms already. All you have to do is have the queen sign and approve; other then that, I think we will be quite happy. Unless, of course, you wanted to stay with us, Lyria.”
    “You didn’t think I actually wanted to serve that retched queen did you? Are you serious? You are so eager to get rid of me? I don’t think I will allow you to live here under our household and take over. You know nothing of this place, nor its history. It belonged to the Kealings, our family, and by blood you are not welcome.” She glared at Vinala while crossing her arms.
    “That’s enough, Lyria. One more outburst towards Vinala or disrespectful comment of the queen and we will send you as a servant. Whether you like it or not.” He frowned with disappointment in his own daughter.
    Lyria sighed looking down, “I apologize father if I disrespected you. But under no circumstance can I apologize to Vinala. For I only state facts and facts that should be known to anyone in this household. In my eyes she is not welcome but in yours she is only too welcome. Excuse me for saying so, father, but I do not trust her nor do I think I will learn to. Its as simple as that.”
    “Now if you will excuse us, Lyria. Your father and I have some business to attend to.” Vinala touched his shoulder softly and kissed his cheek.
    Lyria rolled her olive green eyes at them and walked out of the room without saying another word. As soon as she was out of their site she began to run. She ran down the stairs and out towards the stables. She snuck passed the groomers and led her horse out towards the green fields. She mounted her burgundy mare and began to ride slowly around the fields.
    Her sun-kissed light brown hair slapped against her face in the wind. She laughed letting all the anger in her melt away as her mare began to speed up. Only 20 or so miles away from her house and into the woods, she felt her corset tighten even more. She tried to loosen it but she couldn’t reach the back of it. She slowed the horse to a trot then quickly to a stop. She gasped for air but none came to her. Before she could hit the ground, everything went black around her.

    Lyria woke in a very strange place. She felt light-headed and dizzy. She rubbed her forehead as a throbbing pain arrived throughout her skull. She didn’t try standing for she knew that wasn’t a very good idea. She looked around slowly noticing she was in servants’ quarters. She stood slowly hearing voices. She then noticed the door was cracked open. She got up slowly careful not to lose balance. She stepped lightly towards the door and opened it slightly just a hair more. She then frowned seeing the Queen of which she had spoken about before and then saw Vinala.

    “My queen, forgive her for her slumber. I already put her in one of your extra servants’ quarters. The travel was long and tiring, I’m sure you understand.” Vinala curtsied with sweet yet fake smile.
    “Not to worry, Vinala. She will be treated quite fairly I assure you. You are sure she agreed with this?” the queen asked Vinala cautiously.
    Vinala hesitated but for only a second, “Yes, I am quite sure. Besides if she doesn’t agree now, its already too late. We sealed the contract already, your Majesty.”
    The queen smirked, “True enough. Though, if she does stir any trouble she will be sent to a far worse place then this.”
    “I understand, Majesty, I understand plenty.” Vinala smirked, her hands twirling around her red frizzy thick hair that was braided and spun.
    “You are dismissed, Lady Vinala. I hope to see you at the annual ball.” The queen smiled slightly.
    “Yes, Majesty. Of course.” Vinala curtsied again and then silently left the palace.
    The queen sighed and then sent in her superior advisor, “Edwin, bring the new servant to me at once. She is in need of proper training to serve me.”
    Lyria gasped and quickly lied back down in the bed she woke in. She closed her eyes and curled in a ball. She wanted to see if this Edwin would be fool enough to think she is still sleeping. She surely hoped so. She needed some time to think. But how much time,, she wasn’t sure.
    Edwin, a scrawny man, walked into the servants’ quarters slowly. He then eyed the new servant for the queen. He smiled looking her up and down as if she were a piece of savory meat. He slid his hand down her should to her waist. She couldn’t help but squirm and slap his hand away, “Get away from me!” she had yelled.
    He took hold of her arm so forcefully that she cried in pain. He then led her out into the hall towards the queens’ quarters. Lyria was almost literally dragged by her arm. What he didn’t realize is that she bruised easily enough to where it would look like someone had beaten her with the smallest of bumps or falls. When they arrived in the queens' quarters he held her arm tighter yet had a calmer look on his face.
    "Sorry, your Majesty, but it seems this...servant girl, was giving us some troubles on the way down here." he said while bowing. After he bowed he noticed the servant girl did not curtsey as was demanded of her.
    "That's not true, Majesty. He--" she was cut off by him for the first time yet so far.
    "Your Majesty, as you can see, she has just woken up. She does not know what she is say--" he was then cut off by the herself.
    "Silence, Edwin!" she hissed at him, "I think a smart woman like her knows exactly what she is saying. I do not think she would lie to the queen. If she did, it would be treason. You know this. Besides you have been known to "disturb" many of my servant girls. You will be kind to her, Edwin. After all, she is not just any servant. She is Lyria Devidonce. Her father is to mary my dear friend, Vinala."
    Lyria sighed impatiently as they went on about their family estate and so on. By the time they were done talking about that, Lyrias' feet were already aching with pain from standing there all that time. The queen then looked to Lyria who seemed to be thinking to herself at the time and said, "Lyria, Edwin will show you around the palace more tommarow and where you are to be stationed for the time being. Please, be a dear and open the curtains for me, Lyria."
    Lyria nodded, "Yes, Majesty." then did as she was bid to do. She frowned noticing it was night already. How long she was out, she couldn't remember. At the same time, she wasn't sure if she wanted to remember at all. After doing her first task she then waited for her next order.
    "You see, Edwin, she is not trouble. She did exactly as I said without refusal." the queen laughed when Edwin sighed in frustration.
    Though Edwin saw, but the queen didn't, Lyria rolling her eyes and glaring at the queen then as Edwin. Edwin then said, "Your majesty, she seems to be a very disrepectful young woman. She just glared at you."
    When the queen looked, Lyria quickly had a smile on her face. Lyria almost started laughing but kept it to herself. The queen frowned at Edwin, "I have not known you to lie, Edwin. But this is outragious. She is not doing any of the things you say she is doing. Why do you keep insisting on it being so?"
    "I-I meant no disrespect, your majesty. But I was not lying. She did glare at you as if she wanted to strangle you or something far worse." Edwin crossed his arms wishing her majesty would believe him.
    "Edwin, do shut up. Now I wish you to make her comfortable as possible," the queen said firmly.
    What scared Lyria about this is the fact that Edwin's frown went to a sudden smile. A smile that gave her the chills and almost made her gag. Lyria frowned and didn't like the way he was looking at her. She wrapped her arms around her stomach feeling a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach. At this time and moment she really wished she could either leave or wished that someone would come to help her. Someone, anyone, as long as they had good intentions.
    She looked around and sighed knowing she wasn't getting her wish anytime soon. She tried to hold back a yawn but without succeeding. The queen heard her yawn and looked at her curiously, "Are you bored of me already?"
    "N-No, your majesty, I am just feeling a bit weary." Lyria said softly.
    "Majesty, might I suggest she get some sleep soon? She will have an early start in the morning and will need her rest." Edwin smirked and waited for a positive answer.
    "No, I'm fine, Sir Edwin. I am. I've slept enough as it is and I would rather be up to serve the queen when its needed and not on my own terms. For it is the queen I serve and I think she should have me do things on her terms." Lyria smiled brightly hoping the queen didn't think she was only complimenting her to get what she wants for herself. Though that was true on her part.
    "That is not necessary, Lyria. You need to sleep some tonight. I have plenty of servants, though I do appreciate your determination to serve me." the queen smiled then turned to Edwin, "Edwin, see to it she sleeps well tonight. You are dismissed, both of you."
    Edwin nodded and took hold of Lyria arm roughly before she could curtsey. As they walked swiftly down the hall he pushed her against a wall, "You make me look like a fool again, and I will request you as my personal servant."
    She smirked and scooted closer to him for only a moment, "I'm born of noble blood. You think I don't know how things are run here? And you can say what you want, but You are not the one in charge here. My father hears of anything happening to me, it will all come back on you," she sighed and kicked him in the shin hard, "Its not a threat, its a promise. I tend to keep my word, sir Edwin."
    He groaned in pain and released her from his grip. She slid right passed him, "Don't bother on showing me where I am to sleep, I already know."
    She hurried to her servant courters and locked the door behind her so that she wouldn't have any unwanted visitors during the night.