• Part One

    I walked to my locker as i do every day.I looked down.My eyes darted off to the side.Above my locker was Hadie.One locker over was Bradley.Then was Kalie.My first class was math."Hey, you done?I'm stuck on the last one,uh, number 45."Kalie said."I think its 745."I answered."Finally,done.So, who do you like?"she asked devilishly."Noone yet."I was blushing,I could tell.But it was the truth."I know,you like Bradley."She accused."Hehe!Your smiling!"Why was it that whenever someone askes me a qustion,i smile?"No i dont!!!"I looked over.(Ps,Bradley sits right beside me.)He heard the whole conversation!I had never noticed it before,but he was cute.