• I woke up to a sound of gunfire. I quickly slipped out of bed and ran downstairs. There stand men in red and blood. Just a few feet away from Cathy. Cathy was on the ground I started to notice a red liquid surrounding, the floor around her, I ran, only to be shot, I fell on the ground, I remembered me and Cathy's wedding, remember her dress, so elegant, yet sheik, and she looked so cute, it felt like it was as if it happened yesterday.
    I woke up the sound of yelling and screaming pierced my eardrums. It was bright the sun's glare burned my eyes. I found my self in the battle field, gunfire, every where. I ran behind both flanks, and looked at them 29 men, stand tall and proud, in red blood smeared on there coats, 10 men stand scared and ill in blue rags,
    I ran in and picked up a gun. gun powder painted the air black. I couldn't see what was happening, When the sound of gunfire stoped. I saw 10 men in red and none in blue I surrendered they walked up and roped my hand together.
    The men looked as if they bathed in blood, walking with them hurt me a sharp pain pierced me in my heart. We walked miles. Until a city was in
    sight. We walked in, they put me in the jail, I knew what would happen tomorrow I fell asleep for the night,
    I woke up a giant boat docked only a few feet away Was that the boat that would take me to Britten? We walked on they chained me up with the other slaves . The journey long and hard I don't remember eating the other slaves spoke a language I could not understand.
    We had arrived the smell of death had trenched the boat's air the “luggage” was taken out. I stood on the stone ground I kissed the ground one of the men in red kicked me I felt blood fall down my check.

    I was taken to court. charged of 24 murders, theft, and braking out of jail. I was guilty and I said I was guilty. I was to be hanged by sundown. the men in the jail had a plan, to brake out of jail. We ran out of jail during recess. Then we climbed the five stone fences. We where all caught.
    Sundown the sunset was more beautiful then anything I cried as they tied the rope around my neck they said any last words “Now!” I said the prisoners started punching the guards. They men set me free, and called me there leader. I was the one to tie the rope around king George's neck and I was the one to kill him. It felt good making him feel the pain. He,s death reminded me of Cathy,s.
    I fell down. Salty watter fell down my face. My pain returned. I coughed blood, and fell down blood spilling out darkness rising “bye world”