• One day I came across a frog; I should say the frog came across me. I had been stuck in the mud for a very long time. I was lonely, miserable and bitter and desperate for someone to come along and pull me out. crying So out of nowhere comes this frog, and though I doubted him highly, he was able to pull me out of the mud. He made me so happy and I learned countless, invaluable things about myself. smile In return for his kindness I helped the frog to better himself. I helped that frog become a prince. I learned of the frog’s sad and lonely past. Like me, he was lost in this labyrinth of a forest. We grew fond of each other heart and before long we were inseparable. We shared ideas and had arguments, we laughed together and made each other laugh. We shared food, friends, love, pain, sadness, and joy. We helped heal each others wounds, and found our way out of that forest.
    My frog prince was so excited to be out of that forest he was ready to venture into and explore this new place. I grew afraid. I didn’t want him to leave me so I kept him to myself. I watched over him like a hawk. I spent every waking moment with him and never let him out of my sight. stare Obviously he grew tired of me. I dared to confine a spirit so ready to fly to a tiny cage of selfishness. By the time I realized my mistake he was gone. My routine was broken, his absence left a huge gap. I spent so much time with him that I had forgotten how to live without him. It was quiet, for I had no one to talk to. It was empty, for when I turned to face him he wasn’t there. It was lonely, for when I called his name there was no answer. I was so confused on what to do, how to put my life back in order, how to fill the gaps where my little frog used to be, that I wondered for what seemed like an eternity trying to pick up where I left off before I met my frog prince. cry
    They say time heals all wounds. After some time I was exploring this whole new world myself and appreciating all of the things I learned from my prince. While I was still looking for something I was missing, the prince had found more happiness than he could have ever had with me. Gripped with jealousy I almost found her to be repulsive. evil Eventually I came to admit that she deserved him more than I ever did. sweatdrop
    It doesn’t hurt so much anymore. I now know that it’s okay to love him and it’s okay to miss him, even if he doesn’t. I can see him, hear him, and speak to him. I am proud of him, happy for him, glad to see him grow and I look up to him. It’s not the same, it will never be the same, we’ll never be that close. It is as if I am admiring him from behind a shield of glass. ninja