• A strange girl comes out every Halloween.When the kids come out trick or treating in a town in Pennslyvania she sends out her bats to take the kids while the parents are not looking. She puts the kids inside a cage and under the cage there is a big flaming fire. Before they die she pulls out their eyes out and put it into 2 cups of hot chocolate. She sends it with the bats to the parents. What the parents don't know is the are practically eating their children. When the kids died a strange purple mist past and slowly rose to the red moon. After she takes out the meat of the kids and feeds it to the bats. Then she takes her staff and waves it over the kids skin and sends it to their beds along with a note. The next morning the parents see their kids skin and read the note the note says:
    "here are the rest of your kids for next Halloween you will be next
    -Jacks little killing girl"

    After reading it they could not stand it so they all hung themselves next to their children's skin. Then the Halloween after she came back and saw what they did she was sad but not worried now she is looking for a new town be careful your town might be next. eek
    - Happy Halloween