• Chapter Eight

    In Love

    Anna’s POV

    I ran my fingers through my hair. Why did I ask him such a question? Why? Was it because I hated the fact that both of us weren’t talking about it? Because both of us kept our mouths shut until now? I was ready if he was going to say ‘No’ but instead he said


    I could feel my heart racing. I wasn’t scared, or mad. I felt blissful. For some unknown reason, I wanted to jump up and dance around with joy. “Second question, what do you know about this necklace?” I questioned. My face was serious now.

    “Well…my grandfather gave it to me…” said Drake. “He said whoever wore it would be incredibly strong but you seem normal” said Drake. “Exactly” I said. I told him about Zack and the two worlds and how Zack was so desperate to get the necklace from me.

    “Wait…so that guy tried to kill you?” he questioned, he sounded angry and tense. I sighed and frowned. “Yes” I simply said and turned to him.

    Then he held out his hand “Give me the necklace Anna”

    “What? Why?” I asked, I really liked that necklace. It was oval shaped and was deep blue. “Because, if you have that necklace, then you’ll get hurt so give it to me” he said, he sounded annoyed.

    “No” I said, angry. “They were after me first right? They want me because I own the necklace and I–”

    “Damn it Ann! This is no time for making a speech!” he sat up from bed, facing me.

    “No!” I screamed. “They’re after me first right? Why get you involved in this!?”

    “They aren’t after you Anna! They’re after the necklace! Get that into your head!” he shouted, he clenched his fists.

    “But if I give the necklace to you, then they’ll be after you” I said and frowned. “You shouldn’t care about me! You should just be like everyone else who doesn’t care” said Drake.

    “But I’m not everyone else am I!?” I said and raised an eyebrow.

    “You should be afraid, you should be afraid of the demon in me…you should be afraid like everyone else…it’s safer that way”

    “It might be safe but I wouldn’t like it at all!” my voice was cracking.

    “Look here Anna, give me the necklace” he said sharply.

    “But-But-Drake…” I protested.

    “Now, Give it to me now” he ordered sharply.

    “But you’ll get hurt…” I said and looked down, facing the floor.

    “Your life is more important!” he shouted. I could feel my eyes watering. This isn’t fair, it isn’t.

    “But they were after-”

    “After you first!? Open your eyes Anna! The world doesn’t have to be only about you!” he shouted.

    My eyes widened and turned to him. Tears streamed down my face. I bit my lip. I raised my hands to my neck and slowly unhooked the necklace and handed it to him.

    “Thanks a lot Drake…you really helped” I said and rolled my eyes and walked out of the door. He stared after me. I wanted to scream at him. The world has to be about me!? What is he talking about!? I kicked an empty bottle of water that I saw on the floor.

    I walked to my dorm and locked the door behind me. I sat down on the floor and buried my head I into my hands and I cried until I fell asleep.

    The next day, I couldn’t study at all. It was like I had a wound that couldn’t be cured. A wound in the heart. Day’s passed by and me and Drake never spoke to each other once. There were some times where we would just stare at each other before we walked away.

    Deep down, I knew that we wanted to talk to each other and tell each other how stupid we were at that time. If he didn’t have this in mind, at least I did. I clutched on to my bag when I thought about Drake. It was lunch break and I didn’t feel like eating.

    Myself? Me? Maybe he’s right, maybe I shouldn’t be so selfish and think only about myself instead of other people…I didn’t know what other people might feel…I’m so stupid, I always say whatever pops into my head and I end up blaming myself for everything. I hate myself…I hate this feeling…this…guilt…

    But somehow part of this made me feel relieved. I didn’t have to worry about anyone chasing me anymore, as selfish as that sounds. I wanted to talk to Drake now, just seeing him makes me happy. I never knew I could fall in love with someone so deep. I wonder, is he thinking the same thing about me? What does he see me in his eyes? A threat or a nuisance? I frowned at the thought of that.

    I want to change…I want to understand Drake…

    I bit my lip.

    Vivian and Riku walked passed me, they waved at me. I smiled at them. Vivian frowned when I didn’t make an attempt to rush over to them and sit with them at lunch. She walked over to me. “Are you okay?”

    I turned to her, she was one of the only people I could trust. My eyes watered and I buried my face into her shirt. Vivian wrapped her arms around me and them turned to me. “What’s wrong Ann?”

    “Don’t hate me Vivian…if I say this…”

    Vivian turned to me, her face was full of confusion. I didn’t know how to explain to her what I was feeling right now. I wanted to tell her everything but I’m afraid that she might hate me for the rest of her life when I say this to her.

    “Vivian…I’m in love…”

    Vivian turned to me. “With who Anna?” her voice sounded serious, she’s probably expecting the worst out of me. I took a deep breath and looked up at her.

    “Vivian, I think I’m in love…with Drake Maxwell…” I said and clenched my fists. Her mouth dropped open and her hands raised to her mouth. Her eyes were wide in horror. “Drake, Drake the guy who sent me to the hospital…” she said and frowned.

    I nodded slowly and closed my eyes tightly, I didn’t want to see what was going to happen next.

    “I’m afraid so…I am…I’m in love with him Vivian…I really am” I admitted and turned away from her face. I didn’t want to see the expression there.

    Then I saw Drake standing beside me. “That’s right, I’m in love with her too, do you have a problem with that?”

    I wrapped my hands around his arm and rushed over to his side. I’m really in love with you Drake…I really am…And no matter what you do, right or wrong…I have a feeling that I always will…