• Water was everywhere. Water as far as the eye could see. The sun reflected off the ruff water making it look as if the sun was shaking furiously. The same was with the green leaves on the trees and their brown trunks.

    I also saw a reflection of a boy. His age was about 12, white hair, tall, also shaking in the water. He was sitting alone on the grassy hill in a park near the lake.

    The lake was the largest any man could find. It also had the best fish anywhere. The were the largest and best to cook.

    This might have looked like a paradise but the world was infected. The world was infected with war. I had seen much of the war. My village was burred to ash. My friends had seen this with me. Are village was burned so we ran. we left for this "paradise". But this village was soon to have the same fate as mine. Just a few miles away war was breaking loose.

    I turned around looking to the hills far away, far beyond the village walls, I could see smoke rising. Six giant pillars of smoke rising from the ground. Was I afraid? Yes. Who wouldn't be.

    As I thought the silence was broken when the sharp sound of a siren went off. I stood in an instant and sprinted to my little house not a mile away.

    As I ran I found the village in chaos. Debris were spread out all over the village. There were large craters in the ground where houses used to stand. Fear welled up inside me not knowing what had become of my positions. But these fears were overtaken whith what I saw next.

    Two giant mechs with blue armor stood before me. I stood motionless, paralized with fear. The two figures raised their weapons. These weapons were even bigger. They had a long rectangle barrel and a long stock.

    THey fired their weapons sending out large shuriken. I tried to move but it was futile. I was dead....


    I kept my eyes closed waiting for the light to come. One minuet passed and I was alive!

    I slowly opend my eyes with fear. I stood there Looking at the back of a woman holding a sword. Se had long blond hair, tall strong figure, yet she had a beutifull radiance about her.

    Then in a blinck of an eye she charged at the two mechs. They stood their not even atempting to attack. The woman jumped up then brought a horizontil strike across one of the robots face. He fell back then exploded with one great ball of fire. The next looked and finally gatherd up his courage to fire.

    Two black shuriken came out but she bolocked them with ease. Then she went agian slicing the mans gun in half. She followed up with a quick but powerful vertical strike. THe robot fell and explpoded the same as the other.

    Who is this woman, I thought.