• Ok, people, I will assure you I have spent alot of time on this chapter. If you have any recommendations for my story, please P.M. or comment! Oh, and also do that if you see any spelling errors, grammar errors, etc. I will be sure not to make the same mistakes in the future. Anyway, here's a recap of what's going on so far in the story: Marishii and her two sisters, Isabella and Jasmine, performed a spell to turn Marishii into a vampire. Guess what?
    It worked.
    And now, Marishii has her light rings in her eyes changing colors, energy jolts, and she thinks she's thirsty for blood. And that's just on the first night.
    Let the fun begin.

    "Well, Isabella," Marishii said, "I guess we should get going to bed. It's a school night."
    "You're right." sighed Isabella. "Hey, Jasmine, could you turn off the light?"
    "Sure." yawned Jasmine. She tossed her long, brown hair over her shoulders as she made her way to the lamp. FLIP! Jasmine hooped onto her bed. Marishii and Isabella went to their closet while Jasmine unsnapped her bra and pulled it out from under her shirt, tossing it on the floor. Isabella got her all black pajamas on while Marishii took off her fewelry box. The two girls got into their beds, finding Jasmine already asleep. "Heh, that was quick." noted Isabella.
    "Right." mumbled Marishii, fumbling around under her covers. "I'm taking my clothes off, I'm hot." She sat up and took her shirt and pants off. "Dang, still too damn hot!" She took off her bra, now only dreesed in her way-too-mature-for-a-12-year-old-girl-to-be-wearing-underwear. No, not underwear, thong, pretty much. Marishii noticed I sabella was staring at her chest with her mouth open.
    "Jesus, Marishii, where'd ya get those boobs?"
    "I didn't get em', I grew em'!" laughed Marishii. Her tongue slid past her newly-found fangs. "Hey, Bella? What do you think will happen to me?"
    "I can't answer that, lil' sis. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. And is that my thong???" Isabella questioned.
    "Hey, I love it!" IMarishii playfully argued. She snuggled into her black, velvety comforter.
    "But I need it!" Isabella whined. "My boyfriend's coming tonight!" Isabella was 18, and she was engaged to him. Jasmine and Marishii were the only ones who knew he came around to hang out at night. "Hey, you'd better hide your rack, girl! He should be looking at mine!" Isabella and her boyfriend didn't do it, they just got terribly close to it.
    After about 30 minutes, they both heard a CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK in the hallway. The door opened and it was Jason, Isabella's boyfriend. He had dirty blonde hair and he was terribly thin. Isabella practically begged him to eat. "Hey, babe!" He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He stepped on some of the magic dust and said, "You've been practicing some major spells, I see." He knew about their magic.
    "We didn't just practice, we turned Marishii here into a vampire! She already thinks she's bloodthirsty, her black ring looks like it has blood or something on it, and she has a fever. The spell book said she'll be turned back into a human at 12:00 midnight of the 13th night, but that's when she's supposed to turn into a vampire for life!" Isabella blurted all at once.
    Jason stood there, dumbfounded. "So, what does that all mean again?"
    "Well, the process could get switched, and she might turn into a mortal!" Isabella explained, getting more and more worked up about the whole thing as she thought out loud.
    "Oh." Jason said, coming to the sudden realization of the problem.
    Marishii shuddered under the covers. A mortal? Then she couldn't live forever with her sister! She couldn't let that happen! Obviously, something was going to happen, but that couldn't happen! It couldn't!

    Or could it?