• I looked around the expanse of deserted land around us. The once green and vibrant farm land was now charred and littered with the bones and bodies of those who once lived there. Why didn't they run? They should have known that they would have been no match for the 381st Blood Eye Battalion. Hell, WE knew that if we run into 'em we're ********] I looked down at a small half melted plastic tiara at my feet. Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I thought angrily.

    I had been in this damn SNAFU of a war for seven years. I remember coming home from school only to find that I had no home. It had been burned down, and from the chains at the place where the front door should be, I knew my family had been inside. I remember enlisting the next day. The Daughters of Rain took me eagerly. The war had been going for three years already and it a fourteen year old said she'd shoot down any Son of Fire with pride, well they sure as hell weren't gonna agrue.

    I remeber how this all started. Some sexist religous man from Korea had started preaching that women were the reason things were going so poorly. That we had forgotten our place in God's plan and we needed to be wiped out, or simply submit to the old ways. At first, his fanatic followers were only in Korea and then only where the famine had hit hardest.

    But the famine had hit everywhere and starving people aren't known for being all too bright, especially if someone says, 'If you do this, you will have food. My village did and now we have more than enough.'

    Civil wars began erupting in Africa, Asia, Russia, Brazil, and even parts of Canada. 'Genocide', they had called it. 'Madness', I though fit much better. The followers of this Father Mil-Chin, called themselves the Sons of Fire. My father always scoffed at the idea that anyone in America could believe let alone follow this deranged man. "Daddy, how wrong you were." I whispered as I saw the body of a young girl, face down in the green, swaying ocean of grass.

    Soon, in areas of Maine, Ohio, Iowa, Oaklahoma, and even Virginia, men were killing the women and girls. When they demanded for the boys to be given to them for the Sons of FIre and the boys refused, they would do one of two things; either kill the family and then take him, or kill him along with his family.

    I looked around the land to survey my company. The 28th Golden Tears, we were the only company to accept men. We weren't the most fear-provoking group in the Daughters of Rain. No, THAT honor was for the Blood Dawn Squad. They were the smallest company, topping out at thirty women, who's sole duty was to run into the most insane of battles and fight close combat until every last Son of Fire had stopped breathing. Knives? They would rip them out of your hands and stab you with your own blades. Guns? They would laugh at you and keep charging. Bullets? They wouldn't even notice the wound unless it killed them. Grenades? I've seen one woman literally run AFTER an incoming live grenade and hold it to her chest to contain the blast. Killed her, but the others simply screamed a battle cry and fought harder for their fallen warrior. Yeah, these bitches are crazy....