For now I guess my name will work I'm called Zain by most people. Tho now a days I'm not really noticed guess that’s what happens when you become a freak right. A few years ago I was the most popular kid in school tell some really weird s**t started to happen just weird you know, people would start to float and s**t would blow up whenever I came near. So people stopped come near me my friends left me well all of them but one my best friend he told me he didn’t care I guess I got lucky to keep him around. I learned my lesson tho and I started to look at what was happening to me no reports on others with my problem so I tried to see if I could control it and I found that I could. It’s very hard but I can to a point tho now I seem to be getting stronger things don’t explode anymore and I can keep my best friend Dillan on the ground so I guess things are working out for the best. But I have been getting a bad feeling now something is coming and I think it might be for me and my dreams there just not dreams they seem like something much, much more. But I will let my life story be written now never again will I look back and regret what I am cause to be truthful you only need one thing in life to make you happy, one person, one min, to make everything all better. This is my new life and how it turned out.
    “Hey Dillan are you sure that your parents are gone I hate being here when they don’t know its annoying cause your old man throws a fit and I really don’t need that?” I ask my best friend Dillan as we sit in his room smoking waiting for work to come around. His room is nice its big but not to big about the size of a small kitchen really and it’s like black, really black I love it has a really bad Goth feel to it. His four poster bed is black with red sheets and it is the place of nightmares he is a really mean guy sometimes but in truth he just likes everything to look like his mind does so this is a look into his mind.
    “yea man there in vegas for the week so we are fine but I wouldn’t complain my dad loves you just throws those fits cause he knows he can no other reason really.” We sit there and go through most of the pack playing the new Gears of War 2 game having a lot of fun. “Come on man you need to play fair you always use that damn rifle to kill and I swear its like cheating.”
    “You just don’t like it cause it’s always a one hit kill and I get more guys then you don’t sweat it god ill get a different one if you want me to that bad.” I run around in the game looking for a simple gun to replace my own when something shimmers in out vision I look to my left and I see nothing that was really weird but whatever. I look back seeing some dude treating me to a chainsaw and he seems to be having a lot of fun doing it. “Hey come on some guard you are cutting me in half like that I feel so loved.” I yell out a little mad cause he didn’t watch my back.
    “Do I look like your b***h take care of your own guy all is fair in love and war.” I pout cause he used his favorite line against me I look down at my watch and I see the time I swear out loud and stand up.
    “Dude we are so ******** late right now its six we have to leave right now!” I almost yell running out the door with him right on my heels knowing he is behind me our boss can be a real b***h she hates people being late tho Dillan and I are almost all the time we told her we would work harder and be late less. That didn’t work to well today and we jump into my car I see the shimmer again to my right this time I look and all I see is Dillan getting into my car. What was that maybe nothing I have to get out of here right this min. I throw the car into reverse and floor it burning rubber as we head to the mall like a couple bats outa hell. “I can’t believe we are late again she is gonna freaking kill up and you know it she hates it when people are late and we are again man she is gonna be pissed.” Dillan just shakes his head knowing he might get fired from our favorite store cause again he was late she warned him last time we were there. “Dude I swear you wont get fired trust me on that.” We pull into the mall parking lot and run to the mall as fast as we can as we run into the store there is Lanni looking happier then s**t that we got there only half an hour late. “Lanni I'm so sorry we were being stupid again ill be here on time next time.” She just shakes her head and snickers and points to the back room for us to hurry. “Is she here?” to my relief she isn’t but it was way to close to call me and Dillan put our shirts on and hurry outside to the video game store we work in, the main reason she hasn’t fired us is cause we know more about video games then any one that has ever worked here so we are a great help to finding any game. But she finds out and we are so dead I walk to the front and tell Lanni she can leave now and head around looking for anything that has been moved I find a open box and write the time down so I know when they should look on the cameras for the kid who stole a game from here but he wont make it next time. I am walking to the front when my radio beeps telling me Dillan needs to talk to me at the front of the store I walk up front and see this big I mean it big guy with a tiny girl yelling at Dillan the girl looks scared the guy looks pissed.
    I am not a bad looking fellow I'm about 6’ 2” so this guy was just taller then me so I'm guessing he was about 6’ 6” or something but he was built like a god damn marine so yea I knew this would be trouble. “Sir what seems to be the matter here?” I ask very nicely and he turns his eyes on me and I cuss under my breath I have seen those eyes before there people who don’t have a good reason that means I'm prob gonna have to beat him stupid.
    “The problem is that you have a fagot running the front desk.” I stand there my mouth hanging open as the what he said its no secret to Dillan's choice of sexuality but damn this guy was a little to rude about it.
    “Sir I'm gonna say this once as nice as possible so don’t misunderstand me ok?” I ask him nicely he turns all the way towards me and folds his arms over his chest to listen to what I was gonna say. I smile big and wide as my hand goes to the small of my back incase I need my knife. “If you ever call anyone in this store a name I will be forced to throw you out and I will be no way be in trouble for hurting you so I suggest you say sorry to my coworker before I throw you out and have you brought up on charges.” I know the last part was a little much but ill beat this guy stupid if he don’t lay off.
    The man just starts to grin and I notice that his hands aren’t empty and I cuss again. “Boy you and your fagot friend can go to hell and…..” he never got to finish that sentence cause I hit his right in his temple with a flying round house kick knocking him to the ground hearing his skull crack and smelling the blood I grin. But I stop as soon as I notice his hand wrapped around my ankle and he starts to spin me and throws me through the shop window. I taste blood in my mouth and spit sitting up slowly I tell Dillan to stay right there that he is mine. I stand on shaky legs happy as hell that Mrs. Kat isn’t here to watch this she wouldn’t be very happy. I reach to the small of my back and draw the custom blade that’s about 5 inches long with a long line of thin rope attached to it so I can swing it maybe twenty feet from my body.
    “Old man you just ******** with my best friend and now I have to fix a window I guess ill just beat you stupid and making you pay for it all.” I say to him with a grin on my face I start to spin the knife and see the glimmer again but this time its right in front of me it’s the guy, and this time it don’t go away. “Dillan YOU SEEING THIS?” I yell out he just shakes his head up and down guess it scared him but I didn’t care I threw the knife at his knee and it bounced off of him like he was made of steel. “What the ********?”
    “Now boy that I found you for sure ill kill you and take your body to our master.” I freeze as I don’t really understand what is happening as the guys body shakes and turns as he grows fur and and gets a lot bigger I watch as this guy turns into what I only thought was in nightmares. This guy is a fricking werewolf and it seems I'm his lunch. “Now boy you ready to die or you got some more fight in you.” He says in a almost growl of a voice. I stagger back and fall on my butt as I see for the first time that he really is gonna kill me and just then he lunges with more power then I have ever seen in my life I cover up and pray…….