• Galen smiled again, his heartbreaking smile. For some reason, Cynthia could not move, or let her lips curl into her wide, goofy grin. His eyes rolled up and down her body, several times, spanning over a couple minutes. Shadows crossed his beautiful, pale face.
    Finally, Cynthia pulled her lips across her face, her eyes glowing. Galen's own face turned angry. She was puzzled. What have I done wrong?
    His eyes turned black, and his lips curled terrifyingly around his mouth, revealing dart like teeth. Blood dripped from his lips...

    Cynthia awoke screaming in an unfamiliar bed. Around her were white sheets, as to her own bright orange covers. She abruptly stopped embarassed to be screaming in someones home.
    But who's?
    Cynthia sighed, hoping she hadn't awoken anyone.
    Suddenly she remembered the confrontation in the alley.
    She sat up, across from Galen. He stared at her from a couch at the wall, looking amused. She crossed her arms and scowled at him, for some at odd reason feeling at ease.
    "Why am I...?"
    "At my home?" he sighed smoothly, flashing her a grin. Cynthia's heart melted, but she continued to scowl at him
    "Yes. Why?"
    "You went out like a light before I had the chance to ask where you live- I'm sorry for scaring you..."
    For some reason Cynthia felt safe. Normally if this had happenned, she would have started screaming now.
    "I-I'm not scared..." her voice trailed off. She blushed, squeezing the white sheet. It reminded Cynthia of a hospital, in an odd comforting way. her face turned bright red, under her head of rich brown hair, with tiny glints of red. It ran smoothly down her back.
    Galen stared at her, especially her eyes. He stared at her for a long time. Eventually, she looked up at his blond hair, standing out against the dark blue wall. He grinned.
    "Would you like me to drive you home?"
    God no!
    Cynthia felt like screaming it to him.
    "I guess..."
    "Or I could make you breakfast."
    "Y-" she began to blurt. "Umm... I mean sure." Galen laughed, then floated gracefully from the room, leaving Cynthia stunned at bolth his beauty and his charm.
    Theres something strange about that boy... she thought.
    After ten minutes, Cynthia came up with 3 possible reasons for his odd appearance and charm.
    1. Plastic Surgery
    2. just... beautiful and wolfish
    3. He's batman

    She was getting kind of desparate toward the third possible reason, and though that number one was most likely, although he had no scars. Almost no one was truly beautiful these days.
    Suddenly Galen whisked into the room, a wolfish grin on his face. He carried one plate, full of delicious looking eggs and croissants. Cynthia's mouth watered as she caught the scent.
    "Did you drug those?"
    He laughed, and practically tossed her the plate. She caught it her hand, then scrutinized him.
    "Theres no reason- if I wanted to kill you, I would have done so last night."
    Cynthia shivered, then shook it off.
    "Why don't you have any food?" she asked, or rather challanged. Last night at the restaurent, while she giggled with her friends, Kathryne and Leah, he had sat around with one man, and had not eaten anything, but instead searched the room, like his fellow. He must be starving, she remarked.
    "I already ate."
    "Oh.." her confidence trailed off.
    he laughed. It echoed off the walls, allot like last night.
    As his laugh dwindled, she looked up, daintily placing a bite of croissant in her mouth.
    "So, tell me about yourself..."