• "Jasmine! g-get away from me!" Jon screamed. The once a human, was now changing into a blood thirsty vampire. "N-no!" Jasmine choked out, by now Jon was clenching his head tightly, his fangs slightly and he appeared behind Jasmine. She gasped when he grabbed her and sank his fangs into her flesh. "J-Jon... st-stop..." she protested weakly, but only his glowing red eyes responded to her. He stepped back and whipped his mouth with his sleeve, "J-Jasmine..." he said with a slight sigh "I-I'm so sorry..." Jasmine fell to her knees "J-Jon..." was all she could say before Shian appeared in front of her "Jon! you didn't leave enough blood in her body for her to even stand!" he sighed slightly and picked up Jasmine "was her blood... that delicious?" he while his eyes turned a bright crimson color. Jasmine knew what would happen next, she stepped between them "Shian! do not kill Jon!" and with that, Shian sighed and his eyes turned back to their normal color. Jasmine sighed in relief and walked over to Jon, who was now clenching his head once again "Jon, i-it wasn't your fault..." her kind voice speaking softly. Back at Midnight Academy, Jon spent most of his day in the nurse's office watching over Jasmine, and occasionally apologizing to her. Jasmine would only smile and respond to him with "it wasn't your fault..."

    That night Jon and Jasmine were walking to their dorm rooms. Jasmine glanced over at Jon "a-are you alright?" she asked in a worried voice. Jon looked around nervously and shook his head slightly. Jasmine stopped and so did Jon, she looked around for the nearest closet. she then darted to it and closed the door shut. she pulled her long silvery hair aside, "y-you must be hungry..." she said with a slight sigh. Jon looked at her and his eyes started to glow crimson, he lightly slammed her against the wall and began to drink her blood. 'He... he didn't even hesitate...' she thought sadly. after a few seconds he pulled back and when he did so she spoke softly "what does m-my blood taste like?" she asked timidly. "what would you do if I told you?!" he asked coldly. Jon looked down slightly "I-I'm so sorry about that..." he said with a small sigh. Jasmine smiled slightly "you don't need to worry... I've gotten used to it..." she looked down and placed a small black ribbon with a crimson rose around her neck, making sure that it covered up the bite marks. they walked out of the closet and Shian walked by "having another feast?" he asked coldly.