• "Stop it! It's only a game!" Kalan cried.
    "But it's our game!" The man croaked back while lifting his head to the sky, "as it always has been!"
    The arena fell slight as a grin overcame the man's face.
    "And so here I end it..." Kalan muttered through her sobs. Her eyes were full of tears that streamed down her face. She had grown pale and her emerald lit eyes were fadding.
    The man looked back curiously, "So you'll end it, eh?" he mocked, "And how do you plan on doing that? I have all the tricks here, and you have nothing left. So how do you plan on ending this game?"
    Kalan's head fell toward the floor as she lifted something out from her pocket, "With this." A light gleamed from her hand. It shot out rays of white and pale violet while it almuinated the area around with a dying yellow.
    The man was about to let out a gasp when he caught himself. "With that you say? Well, well... Looks like you encountered something of interest." He paused while moving forward, his grin widening, "Can I see it?"
    Kalan jerked her hand back in defence. "That depends..." she stated, "if you can survive it."
    With that Kalan pushed the object in front of her and closed her eyes. A flash of light burst from the crystal. Even Kalan could feel the heat radating from the blow she had sent in the other direction. The white light overcame the man and shallowed him whole. Kalan opened her eyes for one moment to see her opponent's demised. But as she did, her eyes began to burn. All she could see was the man's hand disappear into the light, and then all went black.

    Moments passed as she found herself on the ground. Kalan swore here eyes were open but still she saw nothing. "I'm... blind...." She muttered under her breath, "I'm blind!" Panic rose up in her. She had found this trinket from a travelling sales man. He had promised her that any trap she may have gotten herself into, it would save her, and it had. But he refused to tell her of the consiquences of such actions. Kalan began to crawl around worriedly. She tried to feel her way somewhere, anywhere. There had to be a way to get rid of this. Soon she found the stone that had caused the blasted. She choked it in her hands as she whispered regrets under her breath. "Darn it... Darn it all! I lost my sight to finish a stupid game! I should have died!" Kalan became enraged and quickly struggled to her feet, only to take a few running steps forward into another fall. There was nothing she could do, and she knew it. She had given into a wish, started in childhood, that now left her future in ruins.