• Kokoro got up and out of bed, as she strolled across the room she heard a familiar voice call out to her from afar, "Kami! Come downstairs!"
    Kokoro opened her curtains and gazed out the window as she yelled back,"Be down in a second mother!"
    She opened her bedroom door as soon as she finished getting dressed and ready. She walked down the stairs and sat down at her family's big table.
    For those of you who don't know me I'm Princess Kokoro...My parents are king and queen of this whole land. It can get boring to be princess sometimes though...All the time you have to be etiquette and polite and I can never set a foot out of the castle...
    Kokoro had no idea though that everything was about to change....
    Kokoro fiddled with her cup as she waited for her parents to come to breakfast. Then the butler came in and put the meal on the table.
    "No mom and dad today?" Asked Kokoro.
    "No, I'm afraid they are both gone out to their regular duties, Princess." Replied the butler.
    "Thank you for the meal. You can go." Said Kokoro. She sighed. As she picked at her food then a thought popped into her head.
    "Butler!"Yelled Kokoro.
    "Yes Princess?" Said the butler quickly at her side.
    "How long will my parents be out?"
    "The whole day I'm afraid."
    "Good. Thank you. You can leave." As the butler was safely out of seeing or hearing distance, Kokoro ran up the stairs and quickly got into her bedroom. She went through her clothes looking for anything that would make her look like a peasant. After searching for what seemed like a while she found something. She slipped it on and ran out of her room, down the stairs, and out the door luckily not being spotted.