• It wasnt like it was a special day, I mean, seriously it was just prom. I had no reason to go; I hate the dresses, All the boys are bascally scared of me, and to top it all off: I was the social reject. I have my other reject friends of course, people that have all been spit out by the horrible monster that is school. So why should this happen to me and not the others?

    He stopped walking, his deep green eyes boring into my cheek. The sides of his eyes crinkling as he smiled. My whole body getting goosebumps as he grabbed my arm. "hey,Maria isnt it?, why dont you come join me for lunch?" his voice shocks me,
    it actually sounds like it has some kindness. I shake my head, my straight red hair twirling slightly. The angel's smile fades a little, but it keeps smiling."C'mon, my treat." he takes my hand and leads me down the hall, is he unaware of the glares and shocked faces? We sit down outside under an oak tree, a bag of various treats next to him, I keep my distance.

    "So, you like to draw?"; His hand is holding one of my notebooks, I turn bright red and nod. He smiles his angel smile again, "you have talent ... a LOT of it." We dont talk for a few minutes, i feel something at my lips. An apple piece? " here try it." I open my mouth obediantly. It was good, I smile at how sweet it is. " well now i know your face wont break if you smile." he luaghs teasingly.

    "w-why are you doing this? dont you care your socializing with a reject?" i ask him unappily.

    "well for starters:i dont belive in labels, you are just a girl and im just a guy.Your just Maria and Im just Alex.Second: because i love it when you smile." he stops and turns red, so do I. I get up, " Wait! im sorry if i embarrassed you, i-its just that ever since 7th grade I've liked you."

    I feel like Im going to cry. Well if he liked me, where was he when i was being shoved into lockers? Where was he when the other girls cutt my hair in class? where was he when i had tried to stop all the pain, going into the mountains that surround the town,not caring what happened to myself?Where was he?
    answer: he was off somewhere else.

    I leave him, ignoring his pleas for me to come back.

    That night after school, around 5, I was hanging in my room with the other rejects, playing a card game, egyptian whats-its- name. Suddenly the others decide to end the name, thinking it to be fun if we crashed the prom. I object, that was not what we did, we stayed out of the spotlight.period. But then, since they knew i cant stand up a dare. They pulled out a prom dress, makeup, jewelry and shoes that i was sure if i wore them they would break my ankles, they dared me to put all this on and go downstairs at 7.


    I was on the couch all dressed up when the doorbell rang. My mom opened it. Suddenly she says the words that I never though i would ever hear in my teenage life:
    "honey, your dates here."

    It was the angel, standing there with his own brown hair looking smoother than silk, his eyes crinkling as he smiles;reveling white teeth.

    "what the hell????" i start, but my friends just raise a hand for me to be quiet
    "Ria (my nickname) look, you may think all of us are all as big of rejects as possible, but dont you remember? Alex was one of us too." I look at him startled. " I wasnt there for you because i didnt know how to help you." he said grimly. "and i regret that now. before i hit puberty i was a scrawny kid who no one wanted to associate with.But then after that, i was suddenly popular. I was happy but when the crowd swallowed me, I wanted desperatly to be back with the other rejects. Ria," he said getting down on his knees " im basically begging you to give me a go. Just one date and if you dont like it then you can shove me out the car door when we get back here, just....please give me a chance to prove to you that i can be there"

    I am quiet
    tears form
    they spill down
    my cheek
    and i smile

    " Alex..."
    "wanna get going? we have a party to crash."

    His face lights up, he takes my hand.

    After the prom we are going back to my house. it hadnt been that painful...in fact it had been...fun!
    Alex walks me to my door...i feel very happy. He stops me and wordlessly, he wraps his arms around my waist and starts to kiss me. I am shocked for a moment, but my arms twine themselves around and i kiss him back. We kiss for a couple minutes. we detach our lips and he grins, and i grin back

    Something tells me there are going to be a lot of memories, and kisses in the future. I cant say that things are going to change as much as they did tonight, i cant say ill turn popular. But what i can say is that for once in my 17 year old life, i feel like a person.

    The end?