• I grabbed my backpack and purse and hugged my mom. Her light brown hair flowed onto my shoulders as her arms hugged my spine. I turned to walk away and so did she, both of us looking back as we did. I fluffed my brown hair and walked to my gate. As i sat down on the connected chairs i took my phone out of my pocket. I answered my text to my ex-boyfriend as of yesterday and turned off my phone. I sat, watching planes for 30 minutes until they called my gate. The plane ride was a smooth, 3 hour ride. half the time i was thinking of him.

    i arrived at the other end of the country, Nevada, Lake Tahoe. I gave my aunt i havent seen in years a hug and hopped into her convertible. After the short drive to her cabin, i unpacked in the guest room and went into the living room to sit by the fire. After dinner i instantly fell asleep. dreaming of him.

    Early at 6:00 am my aunt shook me awake and said it was time, she wrapped me up in warm clothes and gave me a snowboard. the hill was steep, very steep. i closed my eyes and pushed off. my aunt flying down the hill, so was i, but i was scared. i came up to a tree and closed my eyes thinking it would all be over, thinking of a last request. wanting him.

    I opened my eyes shortly after falling, i had fallin in front of the tree, and my aunt helped me up. i smiled at her and we walked back up the hill. we went back to the cabin and she sat on the couch under a large blanket. i went to turn on my cell phone hoping, hoping from a text from him.

    i checked my 5 new messages, 4 from him. "Im sorry about our breakup." shortly before reaching the gate, "I still love you." right before boarding. "Why are you ignoring me?" halfway through the flight. and "I found someone else." yesterday after landing. i wiped my tears and checked the other message, it was from mom, she wanted to know how i was doing. i was doing horrible, because of him.

    A knock on the door, i got up. A tall girl and a man stood there. they were a cute couple, they handed me a paper. it was an invite to a winter party. i nodded and read over the invite, tonight, 6:00p.m. i asked my aunt, and she approved. i walked to the party cold, no warmth from him.

    At the party sitting by the refreshments, i saw a familar face, a boy i'd known. he walked over and kissed me, then hugged me. i saw in his pocket a flight ticket, i cried and he held me, i was at last warm, i owed it all to him.

    a fluffy white dress, a beautiful black tux, a little girl with flowers, 6 girls with skinny dresses, 4 men with brown tuxs, one preacher with a bible, tons of family, and lovely decorations. the words "i do." and a kiss. my fairytale was answered, and i love him.

    one skid of the car, one mark on the tree, one smashed up car, and one smashed up me. one kiss made it better. 2 lovely little girls. one beautiful house. god, i love my world.