• Black Romance
    The Vampire Lucifer Sterling

    My dad was protecting me such as Damian.
    The coffined opened.
    My dad said “get her out of here”.
    He got out and grabs me from Damian.
    He said “who are you two vampires”.
    Damian said “let her go!” I am prince of vampires Dante Rain”.
    He put me gentle on the ground.
    My dad and he bowed down.
    I felt someone carried me to my bed.
    Damian head was on my bed as I opened my eyes.
    He smiled at me.
    Damian said “are you okay”.
    I said “I feel dizzy what happened”.
    Then when I turn around I saw a guy around my age he grinned at me I saw his fangs.
    I grab Damian around his neck “what the hell is going on here”!!
    Damian said “your blood woke him up”.
    I said “how the hell can that happened”.
    Damian whispered in my ear “are you a virgin”.
    I was read “w-what kind of question is that”.
    The guy said “she is look at her innocent face”.
    Damian looked at me.
    He started to blush.
    I got up and punch the guy.
    He hit his head on the wall.
    “What the hell did you do that for”?
    I said “how did I do that”?
    Damian said “you were going to die so…. I gave you my blood”.
    Damian asks him to leave and close the door.
    I said “I’m a vampire”.
    Damian said “not quite unless I bit you on your neck”.
    I said “why didn’t you”.
    Damian said “you’re too important to me”….
    I said looking sad “why am I no one cares for a girl like me but why you”.
    When I looked at his cold blue eyes I felt sleepy.
    He gently put me on my bed and covered me.
    Damian said “I’m sorry I can’t tell you why”.
    “I didn’t know how I felt but I’m starting to love you”.
    He closes the door and went door stairs.
    Dad said “well I must be going seems that I want to see my beloved Mary”.
    My dad disappears in the darkness.
    He said “Master Dante why choose her”.
    Damian said “I have my reasons”.
    He said “what reasons might that be”.
    Damian said “for one she is mine I’ll be living here”.

    “She is the owner of this house that’s why”.
    He said “as you which Master Dante”.
    “One more thing if anything happens to her I’ll kill you”.
    Damian opened the door and leaves.
    He walks to my room.
    He lays his head on my chest.
    He said “how can I hurt you when you look like Lain”.
    He walks to his room and close the door.
    As I was sleeping in my dream I had a flashback of me and Damian when we were kids.
    In my flashback his name was Dante.
    Then I remember who and what he was.
    “He is a prince”!!!!!
    I woke up in shock “why didn’t I remember him”.
    I went to the bathroom to take a shower.
    I turn on the water to hot.
    I took off my clothes and jump in the shower.
    My blue hair die wash out.
    I got out and dried my body.
    I wrap my towel on my head so my hair can dry.
    I grab my blue bar with black hearts on it such as my underwear.
    I put on my black trip pants with blue chains, my blue H.I.M. shirt and my blue converse.
    I put my black lip stick and blue eye shadow and my pale make up.
    I got out of the bathroom and called Damian on my cell.
    He answered “hello… who is this”.
    “It’s Lucien”.
    “Oh… hey what do you want”?
    “I need a ride”.
    “It’s 7:3O in the morning why this early”.
    “I want to get a job in the mall”.
    “Umm…. Okay give me 15 minutes to get ready and I’ll call you when I’m there”.
    “Okay bye”.
    I put the cell in my pocket walk downstairs to the kitchen.
    I grab an apple and munch on it.
    It was 8:00 he called me.
    “I’m here Lucien”.
    I hung up and opened the door he was waiting outside the car.
    He had a Seether band shirt on, black tight pants and black red skater shoes.
    He opened the passenger door, put on my seat belt and closes the door.
    He got in and put a Seether disc.
    “You look cute Lucien”.
    “T-Thanks I guess” I was blushing and hiding my face.
    “So did your brother let you barrow his car”.
    “No this is my car the red on is”.
    “Do you want to know something funny” as he was smiling.
    “What is it“.
    “Sterling is actually a realm for vampires to stay hidden”.
    I was shocked “how was I allowed to pass here”.
    “I let you pass here it was the only way to keep you safe in my protection as well as your fathers”.
    “Why do I need protection”?
    He looked really serious to me “to protect you from rebel vampires”.
    I didn’t care but I was happy around him.
    “So which mall in Las Vegas”?
    “The Galleria Mall” I wonder if I can be a vampire, how would it feel like.
    “Were here Lucien what were you thinking about”?
    I said nothing “can we get out of the car now”.
    He opened my door.
    As I was walking he scoops me up from beside me.
    He said “close your eyes”.
    I close them it felt as we were flying or something.
    He put me down I felt dizzy