• It all happened during the month of August at exactly 4 o' clock in the afternoon. The city was very noisy back then. But this didn't stop her from going to the shop to buy something she needed in school. It was raining during that day, clouds as dark as the evening setting, with winds so cold that can figuratively pierce through your bare skin. Luckily, she was wearing a thick jacket enough to keep her warm. The rain was pouring down really hard back then so she has to wait for the rain to become lighter. While she was waiting, she noticed that there was someone who was approaching her. She didn’t react to this because she thought that boy was just looking for cover from the rain. It was silent between them. The only thing that can be heard from the surroundings was the crashing sound of the rain against the ground. Until the boy finally broke the awkward silence and said, “The rain is such an annoying thing…” She heard the guy about his little criticism about the rain and so she can’t help but to disagree with him and said, “No. I don’t think so…in fact...The rain is very peaceful”. He was just able to smirk at her comment, enjoying the obvious hint of annoyance at her face. Then, she finally said with a high-pitch tone, totally destroying her cool and calm façade, “It’s true. Only those people who are rude and has an ear-splitting character that hates the rain.” Before the boy was able to answer back, his attention was already caught by the sudden change of the ravaging rain to a slightly gentler one. This made him feel the sudden urge to take back what he said to the girl about the rain. It made him thought that the rain can actually be peaceful but at the same time unpredictable. When the rain has finally come to a halt, she was already getting the things she bought until he grabbed her by the arm and gave this heart-shaped pendant. Of course, he was a stranger so she has to give the pendant back no matter how lovely or shiny it may be. She stretched out her hands signifying that she was refusing the pendant when he suddenly said, “It’s all right. I’m willing to give it to you. I’m suddenly having the feeling that this meeting will not be our last”, and then he ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction she was supposed to take. Back at the shop, the girl was left surprised and nervous, thinking of all the possible reasons on why would a stranger like him would give her something so……so beautiful. While she was heading back to her house, she was still wondering about the pendant and the weird guy. It’s as if that was all a dream, a weird fairytale. It was like a Cinderella movie set in backward mode.

    She kept on thinking about the boy and his pendant until she was brought back to reality when she suddenly tripped on a rock causing for her to fell flat on the ground. Fortunately, there was no one around there to laugh at her but she was also soaking wet because of the wet ground. So, before anyone else she knew saw her, she immediately ran towards her house. When she finally reached their house, she hurriedly went to her room and changed into dry clothes after hanging the pendant by the mirror. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do with the pendant so she just kept it there. A week has already passed and the pendant was still in her possession. While in the school, she thought of throwing the pendant away but never had the courage to do so. She felt that maybe she’ll be able to meet that boy again and when she does, she’ll definitely give the pendant back to him. All this thought concerning the strange boy and the pendant was making her brain go nuts so she decided to go somewhere she knew she’ll be able to regain her composure---the library. She would always spend her time in the library, enjoying the company of books more than she enjoyed the company of noisy and dumb girls who were always bragging about their looks and flirting with stupid guys. It was a typical day for her. She knew that no one would bother her in the library. It was like… her fantasy world. In the library, she would read books, a lot of books especially fiction books. She was so much into reading that sometimes she would forget about the time. The library is her own fairytale land. But when the bell finally rang, she immediately grabbed these two books she was reading and headed towards the librarian to ask permission to borrow the books. As she was walking through the corridors of her school, she was still skimming the book when suddenly someone took the book from her hands. When she looked up, she saw this silly face of a boy smiling at her. For the second time around, she saw him again. The first thing that came to her mind was the pendant. And because of her excitement to return it to him, the only words that she was able to say were “pendant” and “you”. The boy was puzzled but at the same time feeling amused because of her strange behavior. When he realized what she was talking about, he suddenly said, “That pendant belongs to you now. Honestly, I was shocked as well when I suddenly gave it to you given the fact that you’re pretty much a stranger to me.” When he looked at her, he noticed that she was staring at him with these serious eyes of hers and then he smiled a little bit and then continued, “But, I don’t regret it. I was actually happy that I gave it you. Knowing that you have something I once own makes me happy.” He suddenly stopped because he noticed that she was now feeling confused but then, he continued again, “If you’re asking why, that is because I’m feeling that I am suddenly attached to you. It’s strange...I know, but you see I am having this selfish urge to have you all for myself.” When he said those words, he noticed that her face was already covered in red shade. He was waiting for her to respond but instead, he was taken aback of her action. She immediately ran away from him, embarrassed of all the things he said. As she was running away, he observed her back figure and finally justified to himself that she was indeed a dainty girl. But then the fact that she ran away finally got to him and decided to chase after her. He ran as fast as he could until he saw that she finally stopped. He approached her and was willing to apologize for being rash but before he could say anything, the girl was already trying to speak so he just decided to listen. And so, the girl said, “You ran after me…what a stupid thing to do.” She looked at him straight in the eyes and then continued, “You know, I’m a weird girl. Everything I do is strange in the eyes of many people. Clowns and cats scare the heck out of me. I’m addicted to milk and if there’s a sea of milk, I would probably choose to drown myself in it. I never cry when it comes to live-action drama but when I do; it’s probably a scene in an anime show. I’m a cold-hearted person. If you ask me to choose between Brad Pitt and a marshmallow, I would choose marshmallow, for sure.” She suddenly stopped and looked away and continued, “Usually, I’m not this tense. I know myself very well but it seems that this is the only time that I’m feeling really confused. I thought that if I stopped running, my heart would stop from racing so damn crazy. But you see, it still hasn’t calmed down. If I keep the pendant, it would be torture. I’m not the kind of person who would easily fall in love with someone. Though, it seems that I cannot put on this barrier when it comes to you. I don’t even know if I--=” Before she could continue, she was suddenly cut off by the boy who was now hugging her tightly. And then he said, “I know”. The girl was shocked at first but then, she unexpectedly hugged him back. Her heart was still beating really fast but this time, she ignored it and thought to herself, “So, this is how it’s like to be hugged.” She sighed and continued, “How nice.” While she was having her thoughts and all the things that just happened processed through her mind, the boy was also thinking of something. He was smiling and said, “And so, the rose surrounded by hurtful thorns finally gave me the permission to hold her with ease.”

    After that, both of them have been a couple for only nine months because the girl decided to focus more on her studies since she was getting bad results in school. The boy understood her, of course. And for five months, they’ve stayed as good friends. But then, during summer break, the boy asked her again and soon, they become a couple. This time, they went out with each other for about three years but it wasn’t all that easy. Many problems have come their way. There was this girl who was threatening them to break up with each other or else she’ll do something that will definitely ruin their relationship. This also includes the fact that he was complaining because she was very secretive of her problems. But, of course, she learned how to open up to him slowly. There was also this time when she would get jealous very easily when girls would hit on him. And this fact would always amuse him. Those three years had a bittersweet taste to it which made it perfect. But everything has to end. The boy decided to go to a University in Canada which would mean that he would leave her eventually. She had a hard time accepting the fact that someday, he has to leave. But she doesn’t want to be selfish and so she tried to understand him. They spent the days together until the day for departure has finally come. The airport was very noisy at that time. She doesn’t want to cry because she thought that it would just burden him. But she cannot hold it in anymore. For the first time, she cried so much that she cannot even pinpoint on what part of her body hurt the most. While she was burying her face in her hands, the boy embraced her who was also crying and said, “This is hard, I know, but I will make sure that when I come back, I will take you back with me.” She looked at him with her eyes still covered with tears and said, “Looks like when that time comes… you’ll have no choice but to let me be the most selfish person on earth when it comes to you.” He was amused of what she said and giggled a little bit and finally said, “Well, I’m looking forward to it.” They spent the last one minute of them being together with a passionate kiss symbolizing an unbreakable promise to each other. The pendant that started all her fantasy was now the most valuable thing she had. And up until now, the boy was still in Canada but both of them would keep in touch through the internet. The girl was already in college taking a science course. Maybe someday, the two of them would meet up and finally continue their own little fairytale. Who knows…..?