• Calm as it was at night, something was always happening. Whether it was robbery, or rape, it was always the things people preferred to do under the mask of darkness. Whether it made them feel more comfortable doing it, or it's just nature, who knows. All I know is, I'm more comfortable with it, and the way I see it, the less light there is, the more of a chance you can get away with something. But tonight, I don't know how, but it didn't work. Freak accident? Improbable chance? I could go nattering away at all the possibilities, but the fact doesn't change. I was caught, and that's the end of it. Taken to a cell, and locked up. Now some freak who thinks he's playing detective wants to question me. Perfect.
    "Alright, son, you're going to have to tell me just how you got in there. "
    He stared me right in the eyes. It wasn't a pretty sight either. Maybe in his forties, late thirties, this cop was just plain nasty. His facial structure, which was jagged, might have suggested plastic surgery, but it showed no hint of scarring. Graying hair covered his face, giving him the look of a rushed business man who forgot to shave, but I guessed he was going for the rugged law enforcer. The i.d. he showed me, however briefly, said he was officer Trent Alvarez, which was odd, because that was primarily an African related name. There were signs all over his face that showed he hadn't slept for days, and the coffee on his breath just didn't help. I pitied the guy, but it was obvious his night's were going to get a lot worse. Caused by me of course. Let's see how far I can take this.