• She was brave, tall, graceful, and above all, beautiful. Beauty, that which holds so much sway in the now of this world, and she knew it down to a tee. Taylor was good at everything and more, thought the poor unnoticed Jake Peerson. The very air with which she walked in was shattered as she made her way through every entrance and passed him by. Poor Jake. Poor, gangly, uncoordinated and be-speckled Jake. Every day was the same. Walk to school right behind her gloriously perfect back-side. Then go to his battered yellow locker right next to hers, and watch her argue with her foot-ball captain boyfriend. Then sit right behind her in every class on his schedule and stare at the perfect glossy, jet black hair that hung neatly down her spine in slight waves. What a day, what a way to spend a day. So miserable was poor Jake that he decided upon a plan. A plan of pure genius that would enable his to talk to her in her very own bedroom. One may say pervert and creep, but oh, no it was nothing of the like!

    That very night he climbed the rickety fence, and went straight up into the old twisted tree he knew so well. Up and up until he was perfectly level with her window, but tonight was different in every way. There was still a faint light glowing through the curtains. Poor Jake, he hesitated as he tried to muster his courage. Then, the unspeakable happened, as Taylor's pale, slender finger glided out from behind the glowing curtains and beckoned and bade him in to come inside at once. As if in a trace, not so poor Jake made his clumsy way in through his dream girl's window, tearing his worn t-shirt in the process.

    Inside was even more enchanting of a scene than he could have ever hoped for in his wildest dreams. Candles literally covered every surface of her shadowed room, except for of course, the black satin four poster bed. His eyes became glued to that four poster as he noticed what was on it. There lay Taylor adorned in nothing but black silk panties and a revealing black silk shirt. She beckoned him forward again with a glittering sparkle in her eye, and a glint off of her teeth. Jake only noticed this factor as he stumbled over, because he couldn't keep his raving eyes off of her mouth as he thought of what he wanted to do with it. "My, my aren't you just the little snack I've been waiting for," came her voice like the silk of her scanty clothing, or the richest smoothest cream. As he drew closer Jake now saw more clearly the glint in her teeth, but noticed far too late that he was trapped. Trapped by what? one would say. In his widening chocolate brown eyes, he saw her glinting, glistening fangs protruding ever so over her lower red painted lip. As he sank into her warm embrace, he couldn't help but feel nothing but the purest of ecstasy as the ancient vampire sunk her glistening, protruding fangs ever so slowly into Jake's virgin neck. Poor Jake. Or is he?