• When she awoke from the Coil;
    Time didn't wait for her;
    it just watched her whimper;
    As it crushed her ego;
    Cracking her just enough to reach inside;

    He Whispered as She was Divided;
    This will make you rememeber that I'm a part of you;
    Each cell is marked by my name;
    You can't even leave me;
    I'm all that you have;

    When he released her;
    She could feel his wet hair run through her fingers;
    As she descended into the darkness;
    His Face, Distorded by their distance, Faded into the night;

    She was alone;

    Yet she could still feel him inside her;
    The feeling was comforting and Familiar;
    But his presence scared her;

    She knew he was still watching her;
    Just out of the light;

    She would find herself reaching out to others;
    Taking small peices of them with her as mementos;
    These are the things She felt were important;
    The things that made people significant;

    Every aspect of her being was composed of others;
    Her arms grew stronger with every embrace;
    And lips grew fuller with every kiss;

    She would lead them to him;

    Watching as his hand reached;
    Out to pull them away;
    Their essence consumed and nothing remained;

    She would fantasize what it was like;
    To feel his hands on her body;
    Penetrating her and draining;
    Her into nothing;

    But time did pass;

    They fell into one another at first glance;
    Their fingers intertwined as they walked;

    This wasn't what she was used to;
    But from here on things wouldn't be the same;

    And even though the longing lingered;
    For once in her life she forgot about him;

    After the dust settled;
    And everyone had moved on;
    Once again she was alone;
    And she only had herself to blame;

    If she had just embraced her feelings when they called to her;
    Maybe she wouldn't have taken in so many;
    Of the things she later gre to hate;

    And maybe it was time to change;

    So she closed her eyes;
    Pushing out every aspect of her she'd taken in;
    Back into a world she never asked to be a part of;

    She could feel him in the room with her;
    Her eyes darted around searching for movement;
    In the darkness frantic and confused;

    Her breathing became fast and shallow;
    As her eyes welled up with tears;

    He was here and their was nothing she could do to stop him;

    She was scared;

    Scared of all the things she would be leaving;
    Scared of how she would bew treated;
    Scared of what she had done;

    As the room grew dim;
    She could feel his hand reaching out to her;
    Touching her;
    In a way that was comforting and familiar;

    She was leaving;

    As he picked her up and pressed his cheek to hers;
    "From here their is nothing as it was before";