• tab Bang! The sound of a gun shoot scared the 6 year old into a hiding place. She sat there with her knees to her chest. Her face showed the fear that was inside her. The door to her hiding place creeked open as she wanted to she what was happening. A figure quickly ran past the door leaving a trail of blood behind them. The child came out of her safe spot slowly, just in case the scary figure was still there, waiting for her to reveal herself. Since she sensed no danger she ventured into the living room then the dinning room but there was no one.
    tab She finally ran down the narrow hall and opened her parents door. The smell of Death flooded her lungs as she breathed in the odor. The door gradually squeak opened to expose a woman on the ground. A gun shot wound to the heart and a man on the bed sleeping. A hole in his forhead but a peacful look on his face.
    tab "Mommy! Wake up, Mommy! Please! Wake up!" the little girl shook the woman. Tears flowing down her cheeks driping on to the corpose. The child's cheeks were red and her eyes were puffy but she kept on crying, her tears never ending. The girl was covered in her mother's blood.
    tab "Hello? Anyone here?" a voice came calling from the front door. Without thinking the small girl hid herself in her parent's closet closing the door all the way so she couldn't be seen but she could see through slits near the floor.
    tab The hallway light flashed on, letting the bright light into her parent's room. A slim shadow appeared into the room as soft foot steps approached it. The young girl covered her mouth with her hands and slowed her breathing even though her heart was pounding so hard it was unbearable.
    tab The foot steps drew closer and closer, louder and louder. Finally they stoped, a pause, "AHHHH!!!!!!!!!" the scream rung in the child's ears. She could she a woman's legs quivering at the doorway.
    tab The woman quickly but with shaky hands pulled out her cellphone and dialled 911. "Please, 911 there are two people shot. Hurry send someone quick! She's going to die if you don't hurry!" the woman fell to her knees sobbing uncontrollable. "If you don't hurry, she's going to die! My sister's going to die!"
    tab Auntie...she uncovered her mouth wanting to speak to her aunt but saw something. Something behind her anutie. Something scary.
    tab A shadow appeared behind the young girl's anutie weilding some object in it's hand. The girl covered her mouth once more. Knowing what was going to happen she closed her eyes,tightly. The sound of metal slashing into flesh and the sound of a cry wanting to come out of the women but instead turned into an awful sound.
    tab Tears streaked the girl's cheeks and the urge to yell and cry was extremely powerful but she held it in her. Finally the sounds of sirens rang into life. The fgure who was covered in black from head to their toes ran down the hall out the back door.
    tab The police barged in slaming the unlocked front door into the wall."Come out with your hands up!" yelled a incredibly sturdy voice. "Ok men, move in! Check all the rooms!" he ordered.
    tab "Sir, you should come and check this out." a young man called out from down the hall at the open door. " Looks like three people dead Sir."
    tab "Okay then, get the paramedics in here." Something in the corner of his eye dragged his attention to the closet across from the doorway. "Wait a sec." he whispered.
    tab Slowly, he moved across the room to the closet. Gently he opened the closet door allowing light in the dark space reveling a small child covered in blood. Her mouth still covered, with tear steaks on her cheeks and tears still falling like a waterfall. He held out his huge hand. She trembled and backed farther into the narrow closet.
    tab "Please don't hurt me..." she said faintly, fear in her voice mixed with pure innocence.
    tab "I won't. I wanna help you. Would you please come with me Miss?" he asked with kindness and warmth in his voice. She put her hand out but hesitated. Slowly but cautionously she moved and gently grabbed his warm but rough hand. He helped her up off the floor.
    tab She looked up at him. He was a middle aged man with a small bread and a plump figure. His warm hand held her small icey cold hand tightly, assuring her he didn't mean her any harm. His eyes showed compassion and gentleness where his face was of a serious man you didn't want to mess with.
    tab "Here this woman will help you. Her name's Jen, okay?" he asked with his strong deep voice. She nodded and climbed onto the back on the ambulance watching the kind man walk away.
    tab "Hello, what's your name?" the woman asked with a small grin on her heart shaped face.
    tab "... Alice... Anderson..." she stared of into the starry night sky as Jen tended to the minior wounds on Alice's legs and wiped away all the blood on her skin.
    tab "What happened Alice? How did you get all these scraps and bruises?" a look of concern over came Jen's expression.
    tab A pause,"I fell..."
    tab "Really?! yYu don't look like that tpye of girl. Okay! Finished bandaging the areas that you were bleeding. Stay here for a sec. I'll be right back." Jen ran in the direction of the man who found Alice. She saw the man's face turn serious but why?
    tab Alice turned her attention to the stars and the full moon. Please, God let all this be a dream, oh please...