• Christopher was in a hurry to get home. It was already getting dark so I don’t think you would be surprised that he took a shortcut through the field. The field had been cleared when Chris was only 3 years old. Only one tree was still standing. It wasn’t very tall only about seven feet from the ground. Chris had always found this tree to be creepy and on this particular night it was really scaring him. He felt as though it would follow him so he didn’t dare turn his back to it. Chris’s eyes suddenly landed on a spot of blood at the bottom of the tree. Next to it was a young, thin, and wounded black cat. Christopher was scared but he couldn’t just leave the cat lying there, so he scooped it into his arms and began carrying it home. When he was considerably close to his house he noticed a small stone on a string around the cats neck. He reached for it and it glowed bright red. Chris ignored this pretending that he was just tired and seeing things and finished his trip home.
    When he arrived home Chris cleaned the wound on the cats back realizing that it wasn’t very deep and bandaged it. He kicked off his shoes and climbed in his bed still wearing his clothes. The cat curled up on the bottom of the bed and fell asleep in synch with Chris. Chris began to dream as the vivid image of the field formed in front of him. The cat wasn’t there and there wasn’t a spot of blood on the bottom of the tree. In fact it was jut the field. But Chris began to hear the faint sound of birds chirping. Tiny sprouts began to rise from the ground all across the field. They slowly turned into trees and began growing taller and taller. There were oaks and pines and sweat gum trees growing almost with the intention to touch the sky. After a few minutes Chris realized what he was seeing. He was looking at the field before it was cleared. It was a beautiful forest filled with life. Then Chris’s eyes snapped open. Light shined in through his window. He lazily slipped out of bed. He almost immediately saw that the cat was gone.