• Preface
    Resle sat on the couch, her facing her.
    "Honey I have something to tell you. You are going to be a werewolf." her mother said.
    "Why me?" Resle asked.
    "Just let me tell you the story. Well our family supposedly comes from animals. Ours is from wolves. It is usually the oldest but your brother hasn't changed and he is past the age. " her mom paused then continued. "Well I was a werewolf too. I was an only child so I had no choice. I stopped though because everyone mistreated me. My dad was one as well. It is now your turn." she said. Then walked away.
    Resle was confused.
    A Month Later.
    Resle opened her eyes to the nightmare that was accruing. She woke up and a shuddered went down her spine. She thought What is going on in my mind. I am going crazy as I know it. I can’t sleep with out a nightmare and I have to sleep for my health. She got out of her bed and headed down stairs noticing that it was only 1 in the morning.


    A new day was approaching the sunrise of orange and red. Resle was awake and had been awake since 1 am. She was watching as the sun moved in its own pace. It got closer and closer to the center of the sky. Resle heard her stomach growl disrupting the beautiful view. She looked up and noticed that it was only 6:00 am. She had no school since it was summer vacation so she was stuck with a full day ahead of her. Why did it have to be summer vacation now. She had just changed into a werewolf like her family legend said would happen. She was learning the ties to it all but it was boring to do just that every day. She had her lesson running threw her head from the previous day. She had to learn to fight other werewolves and she was forced to go against the leader, Therus. She was expecting to lose poorly but to her surprise she won knocking Therus to the mud. Resle felt proud but uneasy as well. No one had ever beaten Therus. It was a miracle and the rest of the day everyone kept bugging her about it.
    Resle pulled out the bread throwing two pieces into the toaster. She waited for a minute or two when it finally popped up.
    "Yeah it is done." She said as she started to butter it. She was ate her toast quickly not really tasting it but it filled her enough for the morning. She headed upstairs to watch some movies of hers. She saw that one of her movies were missing and at the exact moment she realized it was the one she wanted to watch. Where is it. She thought then it hit her.
    "Maybe Mathew saw it." She said to her self. She headed for her brothers room and saw he was still asleep. Maybe he stole it since he is mad that I became the werewolf of the family and he didn't. She looked around everywhere but he didn't have it. She went back to her room and saw it lying right on her bed which she knew it wasn't there before because she looked there before she left. She shook her head then went to pick it up. She noticed it wasn't closed all the way so she opened it and saw a note inside. She unfolded the note and read,
    Dear Beloved Resle,
    This is not a joke. Something has happened. You aren't supposed to be a werewolf.
    You were supposed to be a vampire. Your brother was supposed to be the werewolf.
    Please take caution now. Something I can since is going to happen, something bad. You will be ch--.

    It was not finished. Who sent this horrid note to me. She felt like saying but never did. She quickly grabbed the note and found her journal. She stuffed the note into it. Once it was in there Resle ran down stairs to see what was going on. When she got down there she saw Mathew lying on the floor: her mom was already gone. She ran to his side screaming in horror. She saw he was breathing so calmed down a little and started shaking him.
    "Mathew will you please wake up come on." she cried but he just twitched. He opened his eyes and saw his sister standing over him.
    "What happened?" he asked in confusion.
    "You fainted I think. When I came down you were on the ground." She said trying to smile.
    "What is wrong with you? Why did you faint?"
    "I don't know" was his only word before he hopped up and ran outside.
    She thought of it as nothing as she headed for my room. She really wasn't in the mood to do any werewolf training. I just wanted to sleep. Then it hit her. She wasn't tired. How could she sleep if she wasn't tired and all? She thought about it for a moment but ended with no answer. Resle walked up the stairs and to her room.
    Once she got up there she felt a strange feeling in her. She knew something else was wrong, missing, or taken. She wondered around her room and looked everywhere, but it wasn't any where to be found. She checked her journal not really thinking it would be there but to her surprise it was. The note that she had taken and stuck there was gone. What was going on? She remembered what it said so she wrote it down on one of the pages. She knew that was worthless it would probably be gone when she came back after her wolf lessons. She looked at the time and realized it was almost time for her lessons. She threw on a pair of jeans and a tee and headed to the forest. As she entered she felt the since of werewolves. She quickly changed into her snow white wolf form. She felt the breeze go threw her fur. She howled deeply letting the pack know she was there. They howled back to her, letting her know they heard. Resle ran with all her speed and entered the land. I am ready for lessons. She told them in thought.
    Great lets start know. Therus thought as he leaped out into the open. There standing in front of Resle was a midnight black furred wolf.

    CHAPER 2

    Resle stood in her offensive position. She was ready for the attack he was about to send. She tried to see if he would think of his move but she knew he wouldn’t. It was over 2 minutes and she wanted to attack so she pounced strait on top of him. He fell strait to the ground and sled into the tree. There was a loud bang that you could here at least 7 miles away if you had great hearing. Therus howled with slight pain. Resle laughed inside her head.
    “Shut up!” Therus yelled. Then quickly got up and charged towards Resle.
    Resle quickly dodged the attack making Therus hit a bolder that was where it didn't belong.
    Okay lesson over. Therus said as he got up. He shook his fur then slowly walked into the cave. The cave wasn't their home they lived in a medium size house. Resle still wanted to learn and fight but apparently Therus didn't like to lose. She decided she needed to follow and make sure he was alright.
    As she reached the entrance of the cave something came out and tackled her. She flew strait across the battle field hitting a huge tree. With a loud bang; the tree fell down. Resle felt bad that she had just killed a tree but knew that Therus had tricked her. She wasn't about to give up on him. She quickly jumped to her feet and tried to tackle him but Therus was quicker and dodged it. Resle quickly stopped herself and turned around in less than a second to face Therus again. Child you have a lot to learn. Yet you are getting better everyday. Therus stated.
    Ha ha ha! Resle laughed now that Therus would attack thinking she was distracted. Resle knew better and just as she stopped laughing Therus charged towards her. Resle dodged the attack and Therus ended up hitting Rali, the newest member. Resle laughed and Therus restated his last words. Okay I take it back you have master almost everything and sorry River. I really wasn't suppose to hit you I was supposed to hit Resle. Resle and River both laughed at him and then Resle started to leave. Wait you cant just leave a fight. Therus said as he stood up. Sorry my brother isn't doing well and I have family stuff so I will be back tomorrow I promise. She said as she walked out of the forest.
    As she made it home she changed back to her human form. She ran up to her rooms and quickly put on some clothes that were better looking. Once she was dressed she went downstairs and saw her brother asleep on the couch. She knew that he was okay so she turned on the T.V. After the first three shows were over she realized that it had been three hours so Resle ran up to her room and grabbed her cell phone. She quickly dialed her mother’s number. Right away her mother picked up. Oh thank god. She thought relieved.
    "Um mom Mathew has been a sleep for three hours or more. He fainted this morning and I don't know what to do." Resle was freaking out.
    "I don't know what is up with him. He has been acting strange lately. I am calling the doctor now." She said as she hung up.
    "She never let me finish gosh." Resle said to herself as she went to the kitchen. She was so big now that her appetite was huge as well. She dug threw the fridge but found nothing. "Gosh don't they ever get anything you can eat." She said to herself again. All she found were fruits and vegetables. Finally she found some cookies and ate all five of them. She was still hungry though so she grabbed a banana. She took one bite then threw it away. "Gross" she said as she headed out side to get some fresh air.
    Once she got out there she wanted to go and see the pack. She changed to her wolf forum and went strait to the forest. As she entered she felt a chill go down her spine. Oh no! She thought. She rushed strait to the cave and found no one there so she went to the cottage. She went inside and it was packed. That gave her a bad feeling. She thought that some one was hurt. She was right and wasn't happy about be right on this one. She made it threw the crowd and found that it was Therus. What happened to him. She thought with pain. He well um was fighting on of the other pack's leader and lost horribly. Dominic replied. A tear ran down Resle's snow white fur. She started to whimper. No! Not him why? She cried out in sorrow. She couldn't stand to be in the room with Therus and the others. She felt a special feeling for Therus, like love. She couldn't be there knowing that he was dying. But she felt bad feeling that Therus wanted her there. She didn't follow the feeling she ran home; her fur on her face was soaked from tears. She went back to her human forum and ran up stairs. She was in to much pain to do anything. She laid on her bed as the tears stroked her face.
    An hour later she found herself waking up with the sun in her face. It was late in the afternoon and she felt her stomach growl. "Maybe they will have food." she said to herself as she headed for the kitchen. As she got closer she could smell the fresh smell of bacon. "Yeah we are having BLTs" she said as she entered the kitchen. She found her mom putting the sandwiches together. "Hey mom." she said as she sat down.
    "Did you have a nice nap?" her mother asked.
    "Yeah I guess. I didn't get much sleep though." She said as her mother sat Resle's plate on the table.
    "Well that is to bad." her mother said as she took her first bite.
    Resle quickly finished her sandwich in 3 bites. She rinsed her plate off then threw it in the dish washer. She saw that her brother wasn't eating at all. She went over to talk to him since her mom was in the other room.
    "Mathew what is wrong? You don't eat and you faint randomly." Resle said worried.
    "I don't really know." He said as worried as Resle.
    "Well I called mom earlier today and she called the doctor. She is as worried as the both of us," Resle said noticing the fear in her brother's eyes. "Please try to eat. I want you to have something in you." she said worried still.
    "I will try if I can mange it down." He said as he took a tiny bite of his sandwich. "Thanks for the talk Resle." he said smiling a little.
    "No problem. It was kind of nice." She said as she walked out to see her mom.
    She slowly walked into the room her mom was in. She was afraid to leave Mathew. She thought that if she even turned away from him he would die. That her last memory of him would be of her turning from him. It was so hard for her. She might lose Therus and Mathew. Her life was almost over. She didn't want to live anymore. She felt the pressure on her shoulder. As she entered her mom was watching the news.
    "Um mom are you okay?" Resle asked knowing that her mom never watched the news.
    "Yeah, well no. Your brother isn't eating his favorite meal and I have to take him to the doctor. He might be dying for all I know." Her mom said,
    "NO! Mom you cant say that. It can’t happen to us like this." Resle said with more tears to her face. Her whole day was going wrong.
    "What’s wrong with you. You never liked your brother. What is wrong?" Her mom asked and tears were coming down her face as well.
    "Nothing mom, nothing." Resle said as she sat on the couch next to her mom and laid her head on a pillow.
    "Resle I know my daughter. You must tell me sometime. It will kill you inside. I want to know, Resle?" she said as she turned to face her daughter.

    Chapter 3

    "Well mom. Today I left wolf practice early to come check on Mathew since he fainted early that morning. I came home and rest on the couch and he slept for ever." Resle paused. It was hard for her to even think of a word from earlier.
    "I decided after I was done calling you to go back and maybe practice some more. When I went to the cave no one was there. I went to the cottage and..." she stopped once more almost balling by now.
    "I entered the cottage and everyone was there. I found out that Therus might die. He went against another werewolf leader from a different pack. And lost." She couldn't bare any longer she laid her face in her moms arm. Her mom hugged her tightly keeping her comforted.
    "Mom I really love him and I don't want to lose him or my brother. It is to much for me to lose one." She said as she laid on her mom's arm.
    "Oh my dear Resle. I had no idea what you were going through. You mustn't keep stuff from me." She said as she lightly hugged her daughter some more.
    "I know this now mom. That I can tell you anything." Resle said as she closed her eyes to sleep.
    Resle woke up the next day in her bed. She didn't remember coming up here. She looked at the clock and saw it was six o'clock in the morning. Resle quickly got dressed then went down stairs to find her brother already a wake and looking exhausted.
    "Mathew why are you a wake already?" Resle asked as she sat down in the chair beside him.
    "I was going to ask you the same thing. But to answer the question I haven't been able to sleep and I have watched all my movies twenty times at least." He said with a slight laugh to it.
    "I can’t sleep either but I haven't watched any movies. I have this note that is strange and it is all I think about any more." Resle said as she laid her head on her hand.
    “When did this all start happening?" Mathew asked as he played around in his bowl of cereal for awhile not looking hungry.
    "It started the day you fainted. Why?" She asked unsure what she was heading at.
    "I have just started to feel bad and I was thinking that it was all tied together somehow."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Well you are the werewolf that I wanted to be. But in our family there are also vampires. Can I see the note?"
    "Well I found out the note was taken but I wrote it down." She said as she ran upstairs to her room. When she came back down she handed the book to her brother. Mathew read the note.
    "Well the note clearly is trying to say that you are going to change. But it doesn't stat what you will change to." He said as he looked confused.
    "I don't know. I am going to go to see Therus okay." She said as she took the book upstairs and went to the forest.
    When she got to the house she looked around for Therus. With no luck he was still on the bed.
    "Any luck?" She asked Therus.
    "No but I am at least starting to heal."
    "That is good."
    "Ya for now."
    "What does that mean?" She asked concerned.
    "It means that I might not live." He said feeling horrible that he was telling one of his best friends.
    "But you have to live. It isn't fair." She screamed at him.
    "Calm down okay." He said trying to calm her down.
    "It isn't fair for you to have to die." She said as she cried.
    "Come here." He said as he motioned her towards the bed. "I am going to be fine. I am healing at an enormous rate."
    "Okay. But promise me that once you are fully healed you can’t fight other leaders unless you need to and you have to fight me." She said as she had her hand out for the shake to declare the deal.
    "Deal." He said as he shook.
    "I want to go home and rest." She said as she walked out of the door. She thought she heard a good bye but never said good bye to him. It made her regret it because that could have been the last time she would see him.
    Resle walked in to the house and saw her brother once again asleep on the couch. She laughed at him knowing he had to go to the doctor in an hour or so. She headed up to her room feeling the need to go up there. She slowly walked up the stairs looking at all the pictures that never got changed or moved. Finally as she entered the hallway she opened her door. When she took the first step into the room a surge of something strange hit her. She went strait for her note book. She was right to go there, because in her note book was some other note. It said:
    - ange into a vampire.
    So be on the look out for it.
    Stay safe too.
    Uncle Rogre

    She grabbed the note and took her note book down stairs. She wanted to show her brother but he was asleep. She looked at the new note over and over again. She just couldn't figure out what I meant.

    Chapter 4

    Resle woke up the next morning. She never went and ate. She stayed in her p.j.s and went to the little cottage. She was preying that Therus was still okay. She stopped in an instance when she was at the door. So felt something bad go threw her; ignoring the feeling she went inside. She went in there and for some reason Therus was fine. It was like nothing had happened. But she was wondering. What was with the bad feeling, though? He was fine she was happy. She ran over and hugged him tightly.
    "Oh Therus you are okay. Thank god."
    "Dear Resle. Of course I am fine. Why wouldn't I." He said as he hugged her back.
    "But just yesterday you were feeling horrible." she said as she whipped away her tears.
    "Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today." he said as he walked out. "You ready for some lessons?" he asked.
    "Um, sure I guess." She said as she slowly walked out then changed forums. Right as his transformation had finished she was knocked into the mountain. A loud bang came with it; sounding like the mountain had split in two and fallen over. She shook it off and charged for him. She knew better though because just as she did Therus was gone out of her path. She felt the like yelling Damn you, but she didn't. She relaxed a little and then quickly turned around. There he was standing behind her.
    Bring it on Resle. He told her in thought.
    She didn't do anything but sit. Therus started to get bored. He turned around and started to leave. Her plane was working. She was going to catch him off guard. As he walked half was to the cave she started to quietly run towards him. She got faster and faster but the sound didn’t increase. She hit him head first. She howled in joy. She had her paw on Therus' chest; Therus was pinned on the ground. Victory, once more for Resle.
    Child you are getting better for sure. He said, Why can’t I just realize you are going to get me when I am not paying attention. You do it each time. He told her.
    Resle just laughed and changed into her human form putting the summer dress that she brought on. She then slowly walked to the cottage. Why should she stay in the cave when the cottage was just over there? She didn’t care she wasn’t going into the cave with her nice dress.
    Inside River, Saphire, and Jonn were standing around talking. She felt like they were up to something or saw something. Then she knew what it was, they saw her fighting with Therus.
    "Nice fight." Jonn had to say. He was always jealous that a girl was fighting better than any of the guys, especially him.
    "Jonn stop being jealous." She had to say because everyone knew he was.
    "I am not being jealous." he said in his weird voice that showed he was lying but for fun.
    "Oh well." She said as she went to the fridge and grabbed a sprite and sat down. "So what has been going on besides watching me fight with Therus?" She asked with a joking tone in her voice.
    "Not much." Saphire said this time. "I have been practicing my technique." she said.
    "Same here." River said. But Jonn stayed quiet because he was in the fridge snacking on anything he saw.
    Resle relaxed as she waited for Therus to say that she could leave. Finally after an hour of waiting he came in the door.
    "Resle you may leave now. Remember practice tomorrow" He said as he took Jonn out to work with him.
    She quickly left. She walked home. When she got there she saw her brother actually awake. She didn’t say hi. She just waved as she went to her room. She was going to work with the notes. She studied them for a few minutes then she realized that they might be together. She wrote it out like it should have been. She was shocked at what the letter said. She didn’t like what she was hearing. If she was suddenly going to change into a vampire she would be losing Therus. The rule was vampires and werewolves weren’t aloud to be with each other unless they were family. Therus wasn’t anything near family. Tears started to come down her pale pink cheeks. She didn’t want to change; did she have a choice? She put her head in her hands. How could this happen to her. To make matters worse she didn’t know what was wrong with her brother. Speaking of her brother she went down stairs and went to see how he was doing.
    When she got down there she saw her mom sitting at the table. She didn’t look well. Resle went over to see what is wrong. "Mom are you okay." She asked concerned.
    "Yeah it is nothing." she said.
    "Mom tell me please, what is wrong with Mathew?" she said freaking out.
    "The doctor said he has tumor in his brain. It is to big to do anything now. He could die." Her mom said as the tears started to form in hers but also Resle's eyes.
    "But how could it have with out us knowing ahead." she said scared.
    "Honey I don’t know." she said.
    Resle couldn’t take it she ran out of the house and went to the cottage taking a tee and shorts. When she got there she went into the cottage. To her luck Therus was inside. She ran over to him and hugged him deeply as she cried. She wasn’t just hugging him because she was sad. It was also because any moment it could end up being the last moment with Therus. "God." she said to her self. Today had to be the worst day of her life but she had remembered saying that the day before.

    Chapter 5

    Resle woke up the next morning not sure how she had gotten home. She had cried on Therus's shoulder the night before, worried she was losing him and her brother. She wished that her mother’s words would leave her head. The words that told her that her brother had a tumor to big to remove that will probably kill him. She shook her head then turned to see the time. It was after noon. Had she really fallen a sleep? What was with her? She was a sleep way to much any more. She was one of those early morning people but not anymore. She just tried hard to not pay attention to any of it.
    She went to the cottage not changing forms yet. She was surprised when she saw no one was there but Therus. But in the middle of being surprised joy filled her as well.
    "Hi Therus." she said in a giddy tone.
    "Oh hi Resle I didn’t hear you come in." He said as Resle noticed something or someone leave in a fast rate.
    "Um... who was that?" she asked knowing it wasn’t her business but she didn’t care.
    "Oh that it was just, well it was. It was Nicky." He said hoping that Resle wouldn’t go on one of her rants.
    "Nic- who in the world is that and why was she here." She said getting on the rant that Therus didn’t want to deal with.
    "Nicky is a girl. I have known her forever." He said not stating she was a vampire.
    "I can’t deal with this or even you for that matter." she said as she stormed out of the cottage.
    Therus knew he really hurt Resle and ran after her knowing he was faster. The next thing Resle knew Therus was standing in front of her; his hands tightly on Resle's arms.
    "Go away, Therus." She yelled at him.
    "No why do I have to listen to you I am the leader of this stupid pack." he said screaming in her face; his face turning red.
    "Because I have a right to know and if you aren’t going to tell me then let me leave this stupid place." she said tears of anger coming down her rosy cheeks.
    "Go leave me. NOW!" He yelled as he spit a little. The anger wasn’t going and he couldn’t control it.
    Resle took the advantage and ran. She ran all the way home. Once home she ran to her room. She wanted to be a vampire now. She didn’t want to see Therus ever again. He had betrayed her and she knew that there was a connection between them. But after hearing about Nicky she wasn’t as sure. She slammed her self down on the bed. She started to say. "Take me away. Take me and change me now." she knew that just since she wanted changed now it wouldn’t happen. She was crying so hard that she couldn’t she anything. Then she was asleep. She didn’t know how but an hour or two later she was up again.
    She went to the near by mirror and looked at herself. She had tear stains down her cheeks. She looked at her neck knowing the rumors. But yet there was no red and no mark. "Dang it." she said as she walked away and went to her laptop.
    She looked up vampires. She heard of the rumors so she thought they were just myths. She typed in Google and then vampire. When she found one site she double clicked. On the site there were the same old facts. You have red marks on your neck and there would be blood. Yet for her there was nothing. She just kept thinking, Why is it the one time I want something to happen to me it doesn't. That thought kept coming threw her mind when suddenly she found the perfect site. On the site it said that some signs showing that you were soon to become a vampire. One of the signs was that you were feeling upset with your self.
    She was shocked; this was just as she was. Is this really true. She was starting to feel joy she might just be changing like she wanted. She also didn’t like this news. Now she was regretting what she had said just minutes ago. She looked some more just finding more myths but by the time she wanted to look at the site from earlier she saw it was midnight already. How could she have been looking so long with out realizing it? She didn’t question any further. She shut down the computer and laid on her bed. She quickly was in a deep slumber.
    She felt like she had been sleeping forever. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. There was a rattle at her window. She thought of it as only the wind. Then when she was finally awake enough to see she looked up. Standing beside her was a man. Tall, his eyes glowing in the unbelievably dark room. "How are you?" she cried in a whisper. He just smiled that was when she noticed his perfectly white teeth shining. The one thing about him that caught her eyes was that his canines were sharp like knives. She started to let out a shrill scream. Nothing came out though. All of a sudden the man was at her neck. Pain was increasing inside her. "St...top it." she tired to yell. He didn’t though.
    She soon awoke; sweat slithering down from her forehead.

    Chapter 6

    The next morning she woke up the sky real gloomy; the sun barely able to with stand the clouds. She was still sweating. The dream that occurred last night seemed so real. Suddenly a sting sensation started to work up from her neck. She had her hand over her neck in no time. As she lifted it away a small amount of red liquid appeared on her fingers. She looked down with wide eyes. Blood was still slightly wet on her neck. Was the dream real? She thought. She didn’t worry about the time right now. She ran to her mirror and looked at her neck. On her neck were two bite marks. "Oh no!" she cried. She was a vampire now. She didn’t really mean it though. Therus! She was no longer able to go see him. She never got any other answers about Nicky and she wanted to apologies for being so rude. That was no longer possible for her. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. She didn’t want her brother to find out about him becoming a werewolf just yet. She wanted to surprise him. Even though the surprise didn’t make her feel so happy.
    For the last half hour she messed with her neck. She took a wash clothe and tried to wipe away the blood. She got most of it but some didn’t leave. "Dang it." she said. The red bite marks from his canines stayed. She thought that they might be permanent. But while this was all going on she kept thinking of the man. The one that had to of made her this way. She would have wanted to thank her earlier. Right now though she wanted to go over and knock him out right there and then.
    She went out of the bathroom and ran into her mom. "Sorry." she said as she quickly ran down stairs and outside. She was going to head to the forest. As she went to change into her wolf forum nothing happened. Her snow white fur would never emerge again. She slowly walked down the street. Cars drove past not even bothering to slow and see if she would like a ride. It wouldn’t matter any how. Her mom had taught her to say no. She had to deal with that.
    She was finally in the forest. She entered the tiny cottage and saw Therus there alone. She was happy for that. She covered the bite mark with her hair. "Therus I have something to tell you." she said nervously.
    "What is it?" he asked.
    She moved her hair out of the way again. The air made it sting slightly. "I am no longer a werewolf. I am a vampire." she said almost sounding dramatic.
    "Nice try. You can fool me." he said laughing. He went up to her and wiped his finger across the marks.
    Resle flinched in pain. "Stop!" she cried out.
    "Oh my gosh." he said backing away. Yeah he loved Nicky but she was a vampire and if Resle was still a werewolf he could be with Resle. Now he was in love with two vampires.
    "I didn’t want this to happen. I am proud to say that Mathew will be here with you instead." a small smile was on her face now.
    "Yeah and what about you Resle." he shouted.
    "Don’t get mad at me. I said I didn’t want this to happen." she was slowly starting to cry.
    "Just go. I can’t deal with you staying her any longer. Just send your brother once he is changed." He said as he changed into his midnight fur.
    That was the last that she saw of Therus. She slowly started her journey home. She started to wonder if her fangs had come yet. She didn’t want to feel for them. She was in to much pain to worry about whether she had fangs or not. She finally made it home.
    As she was in the living room she saw Mathew. He looked different. He looked happy. She didn’t want to stop and talk with him but Mathew spoke any how.
    "Hey Resle." he said.
    "Oh hi. I am going to clean my room." she said. That was all she could think of as she ran up stairs and instead went into the bathroom.
    She looked in the mirror. Looking back at her was a girl with darker hair than hers use to be, lighter brown eyes, a bite mark, and she slowly smiled. Her fangs were there for sure. The thing is that her brother was the only one who new of her changing. Was she aloud to tell her parents and stuff? Was her brother even supposed to know? She wasn’t sure about any of these questions.
    For what seemed like forever. Resle bothered her fangs. They were shimmering just as her unknown man's had the night before. She started to doubt herself again. Did she save the site from the other day? She wanted so badly to go on the computer and find out. But that required her leaving and what if her family knew something was up. What would she tell them? That wouldn’t leave her mind no matter what she did. She turned on her computer and saw that she did save the site. She sighed with a lot of relief. She was going to be able to read all the other signs. She had stopped on the first on. On the site it read.
    Signs for Becoming a Vampire.
    1. You start to feel upset with your self.
    2. You get angry at others then don’t do anything about it.
    3. You want to be changed.
    4. You dream of changing.
    5. You have blood and bite marks on your neck.
    7. Your features change.
    8. See someone you feel like you know and that is your master.

    Resle sat her mouth hanging open. Almost all had happened to her already. Is it true? Am I becoming a vampire? She couldn’t even answer these simple questions. She just thought yes. The signs were true. That much had been right. She must be a vampire now. She was certainly no long a werewolf. So was she immortal or mortal? That was the on question she frankly didn’t care to know the answer to.
    Soon the answer to all her questions would be coming. She at least knew that much for know. It could always change too.

    Chapter 7

    Resle paced around in the back yard. She wanted to know more about what was happening to her. Who her master could be? She only saw the fangs that he had in the darkness. Every other feature seemed unreal. Like they didn’t even exist. She had decided that after an hour so she needed to go eat. Some how her parents were still in there slumber. Mathew was still feeling happy to what she could see. She quickly but silently ran into the kitchen. She rummaged threw the fridge and finally found some strawberries. She was surprisingly not that hungry. Then she remembered that she was no longer a werewolf. He hunger must have changed. The thought of having to drink blood started to frighten her. How could it even be possibly healthy for even a vampire? It would be like eating your self. Then a thought came to mind. She took three strawberries and ran up to her room. She didn’t care if her brother saw her run. She would just ignore him. She finally got to the hall way and turned the knob to her room.
    She walked in and ate the strawberries. Once finished she took her knife, that her mom made her keep for safety, and put a small cut on her arm. Small amount of blood started to seep out. She likely licked it. To her surprise it was almost the best taste in the world. Her thoughts changed. She wanted to know why no one had ever thought of drinking blood before. It was so rich but yet so balanced in taste.
    Resle drank just little of the blood. She was wondering whether she should go out and kill like others had done before. Her only other option was to eat human food if that was even possible. Vampire drank blood and she didn’t have a master. She didn’t know how to kill. She didn’t know what she could do.
    She researched and looked at other clans or covens. The sites showed the masters but yet all of there fangs were similar. She didn’t even now if the pictures were real. With all of the programs any one has they could have changed the pictures to look like vampires. She continued to scroll down.
    Then there was the one picture. The clan was called The Dark Children. That was a little wordy since all the others were like The Cold Ones, Blood drinkers, and other stuff like that. The thing is that all of the masters had their name beside their picture, but this pictured didn’t have a name near it. For ten minutes she stared at the picture. She knew that this one was real. How could it not be real? The man's picture seemed to speak to her. The only problem was that Resle didn’t hear anything. She kept wondering Who is he? What is his name? That seemed to be the only thing she could think of.
    So as the whole day went along she had the picture of the man in her head. She couldn’t believe how real he seemed. Like he was standing beside her. That night, in what she thought was a dream, he did stand near her. He watched then dove for her neck. He was the one that changed her. The one she didn’t like right now. Yet she was still wanted to apologies to Therus. She went and tried to earlier but it ended in another fight.
    She had everything pounding down on her. Everything washing over her and yet she didn’t stop it. She let everything go over her and she just sat and watched. Is that the reason why she let the fights come between her and her friends? She loved Therus and now she didn’t have a reason to go over to see him. Her brother was a werewolf now, not her.
    He didn’t know. How would she tell him? What would she tell her parents? She didn’t have a clue how to tell them at all. She decided that she would tell them now because she would end up having to tell them any how.
    She saw her mom and dad sitting together in the living room. "Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you," She said her head facing the cream carpet.
    "What is it Resle?" Her mother asked.
    "Well the thing is....." she paused. "I am not a werewolf anymore. I am a vampire now." A tear went down her face and onto the carpet.
    "When did this happen?" her dad finally spoke.
    "I think last night I don’t really know though.” She said feeling bad. Her family depended on her.
    "Well welcome to the mortal side again." Her dad said.
    She walked away to go tell Mathew. She really just wanted to go and sit to think. She didn’t want to tell her parents that she was a vampire. What would they think then? They thought she was a mortal not that she was immortal.

    Chapter 8

    She sat down on the back porch steps waiting hoping that Mathew would come out side. Finally he did. That relived her.
    "Hey can we talk?" she asked.
    "Sure what is it Resle?" that was just as her parents have said.
    "Well I wanted to tell you that I am no longer a werewolf. You are taking my spot. That is why you feel so good." It was all she could tell him.
    "Really." He was shocked.
    "Yes it is true but I ask one favor when you go to the forest tell Therus I am sorry." She told him that then she left. She was going to walk around. Then she remembered that the master, that she thought looked so real, was here in her town.
    She looked on the internet site and found the address. She found a sticky note and wrote it donw. The address was 458 West Turtle Street. She never heard of West Turtle Street before. She didn't care though. She headed out the front door this time and started to jog down the side walk. She went past the forest and an unfamiliar feeling occurred to her. Was West Turtle Street really in the forest. Maybe it was just because she wanted to go see Therus. She followed the awkward feeling into the forest. She walked thinking she was going to the direction of the cottage. When she looked up though, she was no where near the cottage or cave.
    In front of her was a cave. It wasn't the normal cave that her werewolf pack use to go to. It was larger and a lot darker. Something or someone was telling her to go inside. She entered it too. When she entered the cave she felt a wave of sorrow and death, go over her.
    Why was the feeling so strong? Why did it seem to over whelm her so much? Those questions were one of many that kept coming to her mind.
    She walked deeper and deeper into the darkness. She couldn't see, but if she could she wasn't sure that anything would be there. She just wished that her, so called, master would be there. She would be very disappointed to have walked into the dark cave and find no one or nothing.
    As she walked she started to feel a presence. Someone was with her and she was preying it was her master. She seemed to have turned in a complete circle when finally she saw glistening fangs again.
    "Who are you?" she asked, demanding an answer.
    "You know who I am," he said softly.
    "You are my master aren't you." she said.
    "Why you have been doing some studying haven't you?" he said.
    Resle could hear foot steps coming in her direction. Then she remembered that vampires had good eye site. She could see nothing, though. Maybe the fun and amazing things came when she was more mature. She didn't care at the moment all she was looking for was the name of her new master.
    He seemed to be face to face with her now. His white fangs seemed to blind her.
    "So you are my master, but what is your name?" she asked him.
    "My name is Valiant." He said when suddenly the lights came to life.
    In front of her was a tall man with reddish hair and dark brown eyes. He was like someone completely different. Like he was an angel. She seemed to be astonished by how different he looked than in the picture. In the picture he had dark hair and dark eyes. Now he only had dark eyes. Was he new? Did the people from the site not up date anything? She couldn't stop thinking about all the possibilities.
    "This is an uncommon name." Resle said.
    :Oh and so Resle isn't an uncommon name." he said kind of cocky.
    "Well I am sorry if that offended you any." she said not really looking at him bu tat her feet.
    "Well just forget this doodle da." He told her.
    "Wait! How did you know my name?" she asked just noticing what he had said.
    "You are a vampire now and you are part of the clan. I know everything about you. Like your brother Mathew." He said using his hand to life Resle's head to his face.
    "Please don't talk about my brother or anything else about me." she pleaded.
    "Fine I won't then." He said as he seemed to disappear.
    Resle went running out of the cave. She wanted to know her master and now that she did she didn't like him. She just left and went home to realize what had happeded in the short time she had talked with her master.
    Chapter 9

    Resle sat in the kitchen the next day. She realized she would never eat real food again. She was looking out the window as the rain slithered down the window. It left scars of its presence. She didn't realize rain might be so nice. The only reason rain seemed nice was because then she would have an excuse for staying home. She didn't want to go see her mater, Valiant, at the moment. He seemed to be so rude but yet she didn't care.
    She left the kitchen since she had no real reason to be in there. She went up to her room and felt a strange sensation. She thought that maybe the notes from a while ago would be gone. So she went and checked her note book. When she cheked it she saw the notes were still there but something else had been placed inside. She picked up a sheet of paper. She thought it was blank until she flipped it around and it reveled some more writing.
    Resle see I told you.
    I said that you were becoming a vampire.
    You need to believe me. So what will you do now......

    She didn't believe what she was reading. Then she remembered it said. "What will you do now?" What would she do? She didn't know. She wanted to try being a vampire but her master wasn't the best person. He wasn't a thing like she thought he would be like. Her master wasn't like she thought of him as being but yet she barely knew him. She was wondering if she should give him another chance.
    She had so many questions about being a vampire. Would her master come to her at night in her dreams like the night she changed? She couldn't think of how she would meet her master again.