• "I'm getting really tired of fighting." I told you while sitting on a rock exhausted. "How about we just stop, and go to a movie instead of fighting?" I asked waiting for a reply.

    "Yeah sure im out of chakra anyways." i said, waving a hand nonchalantly. "kakashi, sebastian, wanna see a movie?" the two were still fighting people. "fine, fine, do what you want.' i looked over at you. "let's go. after I take a nice cold shower." so i walked away to my house.

    After you took a shower we went to go see a movie without our teammates who were focusing on the battle so much that they didn't even hear, or see us leave.

    we watched a horror movie that was so stupid that we were laughing our heads off at every dramatic part, so people got mad and chucked boxes of popcorn at me. i grabbed one. "hey, keep it coming i love popcorn!" you grabbed a bar of chocolate that someone tossed at you. "Thanx!!!" Go to the back of the room nonchalantly and say "FIRE!!" Raise your hand.

    "Wow that movie should have been made into a comedy instead of a horror." I said to you. "Yeah I know. It was a terrible horror movie that's what made it funny." You said back.

    lets get pizza and study", i said. "we have a science test tomorrow." "WHAT?!?!?!?" you yelled, looking at me.

    "WooHoo pizza!" I said running out the doors of the movie theater with you some where behind my trail.

    "what about the test??" i yelled desperately trying to keep up with you. no you didn't! what was it then? bye bye ur bud ann
    "We can eat, and study at the same time!!" I yelled then had to stop running because of a red light, and then I fell flat on my face from running.

    When I shot back up I did a Gai pose, and said "I'm okay." While you just stared at me weirdly like I was some idiot.

    "Anyways." i sighed. the light turned green and we started to walk across the street. just then there was the squealing of tires, and a blur of flashing headlights. we froze, gaping, and looked at the car that was undoubetdly going to smash into us.....

    "Oh my god." I yelled, while you squealed in the background. (Oink oink. lol) And then suddenly we felt these two guys smash into us sending us flying out of the way of the car that was going to crush us both. Some how we both got knocked out, probably from the concrete, and the shock of it all.

    *hey.* when we woke up we were resting in some place. it took us a minute to realize it was a living room, with shiny wood floors and white walls that had rose designs traced on. we were both on a couch (yes there were two couches) and there was a tv in the corner of the room. "hey, they live!" i turned. there were two guys standing there. one had white hair that fell around his face and his gleaming teal eyes. he was tall and lean and about the same height as the other one. (you get to describe your guy!) it took a minute for me to realize it was the other guy (the non white haired guy) that talked. "What happened?" I asked. "Aside of the car almost flattening us."

    *Sorry couldn't resist the oinking comment lol.* Well I just stared at both of them trying to figure out where we were. And look at the white haired guy, and the other guy who had chocolate brown hair that was covering one of his eyes. The white hair guy answered your question. "You were knocked out so we took you to our house to see if you'd wake up." He said smiling. Then I started to get suspicious with them. "Why'd you take us here? Wouldn't it be better if we were in a hospital somewhere where we could get real help?" I asked also to just get some sort of answer out of them.

    'there would have been...complications,' the white haired man said carefully. 'and your wounds weren't that bad.' you were still looking at the two warily. I was suspicious too. 'what kind of complications?' I asked. the two guys ignored this. the white haired man's face grew somber. 'anyways. my name is slade.'

    " Slade that's an interesting name." I said aloud. " Why thank you." He said with a smile. You looked at the other guy. "So what's your name then?" You asked directing the question towards the one that hadn't given his name yet. " My name is Ian." He told you, while watching both of us.

    "Cool." I looked at you. it was obvious that it felt awkward for the both of us. Slade stepped forward and set a tray with tea and english muffins down. the muffins made my mouth water because they had rasberry jam spread all over them. your eyes were like 0_0 as you looked at them. slade and ian slipped away then. "want one?" you asked. "I'm afraid they might be poison." i admitted. "me too." You reached for the tea, and then drew back. "well...this sucks."

    "Why do we have to stay here?" I asked obviously irritated that we were being taken care of by these two strangers. "I don't know Alainna." You said back. "But you should be grateful they didn't let us just get hit by that truck back by the movies." You said taking their side. "Yeah I guess your right then." I said back looking at the tea. Then Ian walked back in to check if we had eaten anything. "You know there is no poison in anything in front of you." He said while taking a muffin, and some tea himself.

    We watched until Ian ate without dying before daring to grab our own. Slade walked in then, and opened a sliding door to reveal a yard with long green grass, with blooming apple and cherry trees. there was also a small pond. "Oh my gosh!" I ran out the door and nearly crashed into Slade, who was about to walk outside. "Ann? What are you doing?" you rushed after me, wondering whether or not i was trying to escape. i was standing underneath the trees, and then sat down by the little pond. slade and ian walked out, obviously confused. "Alainna," i looked at you, forming a square with my fingers. "this would make a perfect painting right now." slade, you, and ian were staring at me like i was a freak. "You like painting?" slade asked finally. "Yeah. I'm not very good, but yeah." I kept looking around. ian looked at you. "What do you like to do?"

    "Oh uhm I like to listen all sorts of different music. Probably because they have different meanings to each one." I said smiling like this ^_^". "Well that's nice he said back. I sat next to you to see all the different colors that all formed together to make up the beautiful scenery around us, while Slade, and Ian just watched us to make sue we weren't trying to escape from here. A sunset had started to come out which meant that night time was coming. It started to get cold so you left with Slade to go back to the house. I wanted to stay out, and stare at the stars, so Ian stayed with me.

    I walked into the kitchen, and set the painting down on the table. "Do you have a frame?" Slade shook his head. "Sorry." "It's okay." I walked over by the cupboards. Slade trailed behind me, watching me warily. "What are you doing?" he asked as I opened one of the cupboards. "I'm hungry. Is that a crime?" I asked, casting a glance at him, before turning back. "Why are you so intent on keeping us locked up in here?" Slade closed his eyes, rubbed his chin, and then opened his eyes. "it's a long story." "I have a lot of time." I said. i looked up onto the shelves. "Do you have any frickin food in here?" Slade blinked

    Looking up at the stars I kept pointing out all these weird things I saw in the sky. Ian asked me a question. "Why do you keep pointing out these weird things that you see? I mean it's not bad, but it's different. I would have never saw those before." He said looking interested at what I saw in the stars. " I don't really know." I said. "Ann say's that I think of everything in a different perspective than everyone else does. So that's probably why I see al those other thing." I said answering his question only to feel a really cold water drop hit me on my nose. Then it started to down pour. " Oh my god it's pouring hurry up let's get back inside." I said running back to the house for shelter.

    ann's perpective (It's gonna keep changing between us for awhile)
    *okay!* Slade was just about to speak when you an ian crashed into the kitchen. I turned to look at you two, sopping wet. "I'm guessing it's raining." you gave me one of those *how stupid are you* looks and I grinned and turned back to making sandwiches. i gave everyone one and gave everyone except for you a glass of milk i gave you a glass of water.

    alainna's perspective
    "Hey Ann what you put on these sandwiches? They're good." I told you taking another bite out of it. "You know a bit of this a bit of that, and just your normal pb&j." You said smiling back. "Well whatever the jelly is it's delicious." I said.

    Ann's perspective
    "its not jelly its marhsmellow cream." I said. "oh." you looked at your sandwich. "Thats why it tastes so good." slade and ian didn't eat they set theirs aside and then stood up and left. we watched them, wondering what the heck their problem was. me too ur bud ann
    "Why didn't they eat?" I asked questioning you to see what you thought. "Probably they already ate, and they're not hungry. Did you think that Alainna?" You asked me back. "Uhm no actually I was thinking about something totally different than you were right now." I said still looking towards where they had left. Ok now it's your turn Ann. your bud Alainna
    "Like what?" i asked. "Like maybe they think we're about to poison them, or they have something private to talk about." "I was kinda thinking that too." i said.

    "Oh, and maybe they're like vampires, or something like that." I said making myself sound like Dracula, and wiggling my fingers in the air. You just looked at me like I was some crazy nut who was to high on sugar. Then they both came walking back in to the kitchen that they left us in, and I had asked. "So where'd you guys go too?" I said.

    slade and Ian looked at us uncertaintly. and then it became clear they weren't going to speak. "I'm going to go outside." i chirped. "In the rain " Ian asked. I grabbed a conveniently placed umbrella and looked at him. "What? i love the rain.' as i turned and walked outside you made the crazy symbol. I opened the umbrella and stood out under the cherry trees. I heard footfalls as Slade joined me. "You're an odd girl." He said after it was quiet for a minute. "Why's that?" i glanced at him. he shook his head. "Nothing. It's just...well, not many people like the rain like I do." I looked at him and noticed he didn't have an umbrella. "uh...here." I handed the umbrella over to him. He took ti and held it over the both of us. "The rain relaxes me." Slade said out of nowhere. "Its always the same. Therre are no changes with the rain. whenever it falls, it falls rythmically." I watched him for a while. "What's with all of this deep thought out of nowhere?" Slade sighed and closed his eyes. "i should probably tell you why you're being kept here."

    I watched as you, and Slade had walked out of the door into the cold looking rain. "So what were you, and Slade doing while you left us?" I asked. "Oh just stuff you know." He said back not looking back at me when he answered the question. He was looking out the window. "What's the matter?" I asked out of no where seeing that he looked kind of upset for some reason. "Well there's a reason why I'm upset, but I'm not really sure if I should tell you, or not. Depending on what Slade is going to do." Ian said while watching you and Slade talk over some things. "What is Slade going to do?" I asked looking kind of worried about you. " You'll find out soon enough." He said turning back to me.

    I watched Slade, not sure what he was about to say. "I shouldn't be telling you." he said finally. "What? After all of that drama?" I said angrily. "you have to tell me now." slade looked at me, smiling, and then he frowned. "Ian and I aren't exactly...human." I looked at slade. he bent his neck down and covered his face with one hand. and then he dropped his hand and looked at me. his eyes had turned to a bright, crimson red. "i'm a demon."

    I walked over to the coach next to the fireplace, and watched the flames move up in down. I kept watching till I felt somebody come, and sit next to me where I looked, and saw Ian next to me. I looked at him for a minute, and then looked away feeling kind of strange next to him. Then looking back towards the window the window where I could see your surprised face. I looked back at Ian, and asked. "What did Slade do to Ann?" I asked looking at him angrily. "He told her the truth." He said answering my question. " What truth do you mean?" I asked once again. He sighed then looked at me. "About why you're here, and about us. What we really are." He said looking at the ground. " What are you exactly then?" I asked looking at him.

    "So...you're a demon...." i said quietly. my neck was prickling and as I moved, I could feel Slade's sharp crimson gaze following me. "Yes." He watched me, and somehow tore his gaze away and looked at the pond. "That was why I couldn't take you to the hospital. The scent of your blood was already driving me to my limits. And the hospital, with all of those people, and all of those patients..." He blinked slowly. "So we decided to keep you here until you recovered, and so that we would make sure that if we did get past out limits, we would hurt no innocent citizens." I watched him. "You're starting so sound like a vampire." "Nonsense." Slade spat. "We have no relations with the cursed vampires. They kill not for a human's precious life source, but only to gain strength from draining their life source. That is why there are so many vampiric murders. They hunt for sport." I watched Slade warily. "I'm starting to get the impression that there's this huge, Vampire vs Demon War going on here." "Not yet." Slade looked at me. "Soon, though. Very soon." Quiet for a moment. "But to be frank, I don't think you're as afraid as you should be.I could very well lose control and kill you now." his eyes gleamed, and he smirked to show gleaming fangs. He resembled a vampire almost exactly, and I told him this. This only succeeded in making him angrier. "Do you wish to see the true difference between us?" and he leaned towards me, mouth opening. DUN DUN DUNno hes not gonna kiss me, obviously. =_= 'hes gonna try an bite me of course! biggrin not like in the neck like a vampire does, in the wrist.

    "You're here because it was too dangerous for Slade to go to the hospital in the first place, and second of all I'm not human. I'm actually a fallen angel." Ian saidlooking directly at me. I started laughing not believing what he had said. " Ha nice one. You think that you're an angel. I thought people only become angels if they die." Isaid looking shocked. "Well technically I'm a fallen angel. A regular angel would be one that hasn't committed any type of sin. Unlike them I committed one when I was an angel, but then I was banished after doing so." He explained looking at the floor, then back at me when I didn't say anything. "You're actually telling the truth then?" I asked him. "Yep, and I could prove it if you wanted me to." He said giving me a little smirk about something. "Ok then, whatever you want to do." I said still a bit shocked. "Ok, then follow me we're going to the front of the house so I can show you." He said. When we got out there he stopped, and turned around so he was facing me. I was watching him when suddenly giant black wings shot out from his back making me fall backwards.

    :3"What are you-" Slade grabbed my left hand and lifted it to his face, where one fang slitted my wrist with a slight cut.I gasped as he drank a few drops of my blood, before licking the wound, which sealed itself. I dropped my hand in shock and he stepped back, wiping his bloody lips. "Demons only take what they need. Vampires do so only for strength. Unlike us demons, they do not create boundries inside themselves and would have sucked you dry just now. However, we form these boundries so that other people are not harmed."

    Yeah I know. biggrin Ian looked at me then started laughing when he saw me fall down. I looked up at him with a bit of a pouty face. "What?!" I asked kind of irritated at him. "Nothing it's just that it was funny I surprised you with the whole wings thing." He said with a giant smile. "Well whatever." I said while walking around him to look at his wings. "Ok so you curious to see what it feels like to fly?" He asked curiously. I looked at him for a second, and put a thinking face on. "Well I don't know. I'm afraid of hieghts, and you probably don't have a good grip." I said looking at him like he was crazy. "Don't worry I've done this with Slade a lot, for problems with vampires." He said. "Vampires are real too. I said looking at him. "Yep they really are real." He said. "Oh if vampires are real, then what is Slade?" I asked getting curious. "Oh well Slade is in fact a demon." He said, and then mentioned something. "Do you think you can trust me now that you know all that for me to take you flying a bit?" He asked with a hopeful glint in his voice. "Well ok." I said kind of nervously.

    I kinda yelped when Slade pressed his freezing lips to my wrist, so he drew back and chuckled. "Are you quite alright?" I tugged my wrist back and hugged it to my chest protectively. "What does sucking my blood have to do with proving the difference between a vampire and a demon?" I asked. Slade chuckled. "Don't worry. I only wanted to prove that I could drink a certain amount of blood from you, and stop before losing control." he straightened. "This is because Demons only drink as much as they need.

    Ian told me to turn around so he could get a good grip around my waist so he wouldn't drop me when flying. I started to get nervous about flying, and he could see it on my face. "Don't worry I promise not to drop you." He said with a reassuring smile. "Fine only if you pinky promise not to drop me." I said holding out my pinky. "I pinky promise." He said wrapping his pinky around mine. "Ok it's take off time Ian." I said sarcastically.

    Ok The end of part 2! Please tell me what you guys thought even if you hated please!