• My eyes were watering up. Can this day get any worse?!
    BUMP!! My books flew out of my bag and on to the floor, everyone stopped and stared at me wide eye. stare "I am so sorry. Here, i believe these are yours?" A boy with dirty blonde hair with blue eyes flashed a warm smile at me. Oh how i melted when i saw those dimples. heart 4laugh heart 4laugh Every girl standing was just melting and staring at him and I.
    "Yeah, thanks." I quickly wiped my eyes with my hands.
    "Here, let me help you up....." The mysterious dirty blonde dude offered a hand.
    "Awwwwwwwww.........." All the girls looked with envy and awe, but how come?
    "Ugh," i grunted as i got off the dirty floor.
    "Once again, I am so sorry. I'm Ryan by the way, and you are?" Ryan asked with intrest. cool
    "It's Jessica, but call me Jesse." I blushed. How come a EX-tremely cute boy wants to know my name?!!! eek redface
    "BRRRRRRRRRINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!" the bell interupted our introduction.
    "Looks like we have to go now. See you later Jesse." He smiled with those heart melting dimples and winked at me!!!!!! wink
    This day is actually getting better! YA!!!!! rofl
    heart heart heart heart heart heart 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh heart heart 4laugh 4laugh rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl