• ::as Eclipse woke up in the morining he crawled out of his tent and started taking shower in the waterfall he got the strangest feeling he was being watched:: "hello is anyone there!"
    ::is already awake (before dawn) and is hunting for breakfast,atampts to shoot a fawn and misses, the arrow wizzes the the air and lost for good:: sais "oops..." :: the fawn is long gone::
    "gawd im tierd im gonna go explore my suroundabouts anyway i just gotta go grab my spear and get dressed" ::when he was about to grab hes spear after he got dreased he got a tereble headack:: "aww gawd" ::he passed out and woke up an hour later and realized he had white fox ears and tail, as hes freaking out he realizes hes got relly sharp fingernails and K nines eventualy he gets over it and moves on takes his bow and silver spear and goes hunting and spots a girl about his age she was extreamly beutiful:: "hi"
    ;;is on guard;; ::unclips the battle axe of my back:: "state your purpous."
    ::As Eclipse pulls his spear of his back and quickly slips behind her and has point of spear so close to back she can feel the cold metal on her skin:: "shold I have to have a purpos to simply say hi" ::ears pinted up in a woried way with te tail redy to strike:: "you made a mistake trying to asult me"
    ::smiles and sais:: " i am Rierie."
    ::Tysuki laying wrapped in his satin black tattered cloak, his hood over his eyes, the dark scarf holding the cloak in place around his mouth and nose as he layed lazily in a tree asleep.::
    "very well i am eclipse" ::lightes up slightly holds spear like a normal person not pointed to back::
    ^.^ ::puts her Battle axe back in place:: " are you a half demon?"
    "it happend earlyer i passed out and woke up with these" ::points to ears:: "now i must be moving on im getting hungry" ::starts walking::
    ::blinks... desides to follow him:: ^.^ "any powers yet?... you know theres a boy in a tree over there?can you hear him?"
    "yea iv been hearing him for a while his snoring is obnictious" ::goes over to tree and stabs thro tree whare he is and spear is right in front of face ::
    ::blinks again:: sais " you know there is a less ubrupt way?" :: walks up to the boy and taps his sholder::
    ::pulls out and loots him for his money ends up with nothing keeps moving ::
    ::looks mad at Eclipse::
    ::Tysuki's crimson, almost blood like red eyes opened::."Can I help you?" ::He asked.::
    ::turns back to Tysuki , smiles, and says:: "boy? are you ok?"
    "then why did u pull ur frekin axe out on me when i said hi"
    "simple, you scared me."
    ::Tysuki looked at the girl::. "Fine...and you are?" ::he said::
    ::Eclipse found somthing in him and growled like a wolf and pointed his spear to the guys face::
    ::smiles at the boy:: "what is your name? im Rierie"
    "Rrrrr...aparently im being ignored" ::starts walking::
    ::Tysuki grinned, he drew his enourmous double edged sythe, "You wish a fight?"he said to Eclipse."My name?...Tysuki."he said formaly to the girl.::
    ::looks back at Eclipse, and fallows:: turns and sais "come on" ::smiles::
    "shut up and fight me you cowerd Tysuki!"
    ::glares at eclipse and walks over to Tysaki instead::
    ::pulls out spear and stabes tysuki in the stomach as eclipse gets an evil grin on his face:: "i said fight me"
    ::shoots Eclipse in the left sholder pressure point with an arrow:: "stop it."
    "i grew tierd of his ruedness"::Eclipse said pulling the arow out as if it were nothing.::
    " SO YOU STAB HIM!? WTH?" ::turns to Tysuki:: "can i help?"
    ::Tysuki grinned and what Eclipse thought he stabbed vanished in ribbons of darkness.A sythe appeared around eclipse's neck::
    "yes i believe i did no one disrespect" ::jurks spear up while in tysuki's body "heh, turns out the baster's still alive. i will grant him this i will not kill him"..."son of a b***h" ::Eclipse ducks and cuts Tysuki acros the cheak::
    "why are you fighting?" :: storms off::
    ::Tysuki dodged and flung the top of his chained sythe around eclipse's feet wrapping him in chain::."I did nothing wrong..." ::he said plainly.::
    "go away see if i care. hmph....." ..."alright dont leave me im just pissed of cus ima demon naw ind im alone.pleas dont gooooo i wint kill anyone i promise" :: he said to late and so soft no one could hear::
    ::stops dead:: " YOU b*****d BORNE SOME OF b***h, YOU DIDNT EVEN KNOE YOUR MOTHER OR FATHER WAS A DEMON UNTILL THIS MORNING!!!" ::thows her battle axe with deadly acuracy right at your head!:: [/color]::Tysuki returned his sythe and vanished into the shadows.::
    ::right as the axe was about to hit his headhe bearly dodged it with his arm halfway cut off he fell bearly alive::
    "Tysuki! pleas come back! cant you help me help him?" thinks~>*i dont think just being able to sew would help much*
    ::moans loudly:: ""FUUUUCK!!""
    ::Tysuki reappeared::."Yes?" ::he said calmly, and unnoticed::
    ::... everything is like slow motion and eclipse passes out his heart is not beating he is not breathing but somehow hes alive::
    ::pulls out a needle and jesturse to Eclipse's arm:: "atleast let me help a little, i can do this atleast. Tysuki can you help? i know you have no reason to." "... there is a hospital about a mile from here"
    ::Eclipse wakes up and pours blood out of his mouth::
    ::rolles her eyes:: " if you try not to puke blood on me, i will carry you to the hospital." ::without waiting for an aswer, puts him on her back::
    ::Tysuki shrugges and thinks::.*I could heal him myself...*
    "im fine i can walk i dont need any hospital"
    ::Tysuki vanished into shadows once more. out of annoyance of being ignored::
    ::looks back:: " your a horrible lier ." ::smiles:: "and i didnt ask if you needed one, did i?"
    ::while passed out, Eclipse had a flash back memory *eclipse remembers his birth he sees his mother dying and giving him a a white glass rose and then he sees his father being stabed by a man in black armor and his father giving him a white rose and telling him...he is eclipse of the white rose and to never stand down to a man in black armor and his father gave him his spear*::
    ((Ironic Tysuki wears all black robe))

    ::Eclipse told Rierie about the dream and said:: "i just rememberd that thatl be the reason he attacked him ok?"
    :: arives at the hospital and tells the dr.'s a lie about what happend so they will help:: "well, i dont blame you for wanting revenge on some one. but there is an easyer way."
    "im fie i dont need help!!!" ::Eclipse has no shirt, eclipses spear grows spikes out and it loks like a roses stem::
    ::a femail walks out of the building and eclipses hides behind a tree::
    "******** not her not here"
    ::smiles:: "you should really stop moving right about now" ::blinks::
    "not who here?"

    "crap" eclipse says hiding behind the tree
    ::sighs and sits cross legged infront of the tree::
    "shes uh my feanse 0///0 i was supose to wed her about a week ago my father mad a deal before he died that i wold marry the princes in the next kingdome over ..."
    ::blinks twice then laughs( kinda loud):: "then why are you spazing over her, isnt she pretty and stuff like a preicess should be?"
    "eh thats not the point the point is i dont LOVE HER "
    ::the girl notices eclipse behind the tree and she walks over eclipse walk out the girl slapes him across the face and cuses him out and the girl says says"now that thats over we can finaly get weded" rubing her cheak agenst his bear chest::
    (0///0 crap)
    ::is mad that there is even more fighting:: yells "STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?"
    They hear laughter coming from no where.
    ::looks around Bow in hand (prepissed)::
    ::Eclipse smells somthing and chases after the laughing::
    ::jumps in the trees (her terain) and fallows, glad to leav the girl::
    ::gets lanched out of that direction :: "Rrrr... i can sence it"
    "awww dont be mean, its just me..."
    "Tysuki! Why are you here? What do you want?"
    ::the girl walks up to Eclipse and kisses him. Eclipse looks confused and sais "i dont love you!" and runs of to the start of whare it all started, he went back to his tent and took a waterfall shower::
    ::while Eclipse was alone he dicided to do some training he descoverd he cold use magic in a way of the rose::
    "Yes?" ::he said calmly.::
    " i have one question...... did you kill Eclipse's parents or not."
    "NO" ::he said.::
    ::Eclipse started thinking i want to feel this emotion wat is love why can anyone feel it exept for me why why WHY! i want awnsers::
    ::sits by her self... just thinking. alone again, back at sqare one. after a few more min. she Jumps out of her tree and looks for Eclipse::
    ::Eclipse starts taking his waterfall shower::
    ::stays in the shaddows.... afraid of the acwerdness to come.::
    "huh what was that i smell somthing its fremiliar"
    ::hides behind a tree, facing away from Eclipse::
    ::Eclipse gets out naked and he feels like hes not being watched so he decides to stay naked for a while (cus his cloths are wet)::
    ::desides to get it over with.. walks out int the open looking down:: "um... hi."
    "uh um uh" ::Eclipse scuries to put pants on:: "0////0 how long have u been thair0/////////////0"
    ::still looking down:: "only just now"..." im not looking you know, you can trust me."
    "ok done 0///0"
    ::finaly lifts her head slightly still looking at her feet and smiles:: "so why did you return to the forest any way?"
    "i supose you came to ask about that girl, well if u didnt great but if u did ill tell you "....."i came to get away frome that girl and that jerk of a man" ..... "my feanse i dont want to marry her."
    ::twiched one finger in irritation:: "you know you started the confrentation." ::still looking at any thing els:: "and why dont you just tell her?"
    "he was being rude."
    :: looks dead at Eclipse and smerks:: "and i though i get mad easy"
    "yea well i was abondoned by everyone that truly loves me sorry i mean loved me"
    ::pauses then smiles and walks about knee high into the water:: "same reason im here, exiled... fighting to live and living to fight basicly...."
    "its not the same reson im fighting to die theres nothing els i have no reason to be here anymore i wish i had a pupos to be here for a while i felt like i had a purpos naw thairs nothing "
    ::finaly stops smiling for once:: "well... dont... die..." ::looks down again::
    "why if i died no one wold care i wold be a nothing for the rest of my life nothing to live for no one to live for "
    " well... i feel the same way most of the time, but there are little things... life isnt entirly bad"
    "i feel like im wasted space"
    "well, i know i am..." ::looks up at the clouds::