Kico said as her face was extremly red and warm. She leaned forward and pressed her head on Sam's back, he put his hand behind him and genly rubbed her still wet hair.
    "Ronny!! You me right now!!"
    "Oh what the hell do you think your goanna do? Hit me? You know Kico hates volence. So..."
    Before Ronny could even finish his sentance Sam was in his face. He threw a punch, and ronny flew back into the chain fence. Sam ran up to him and grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him off the ground.
    "If you ever touch her again, I will kill you.'
    "Sam!!! Stop it!! Just leave him alone! Let's just go."
    Sam side and let go, Ronny hit the ground with a huff, stood up and ran passed Sam and gabbed Kico's hand and put it behind her and drew his knife, put it under her throught.
    "Look, this is how it's going to work, i'm going to go home with her, and do what ever the hell i want to her, and you may have her back tomarrow, alive, if you go home know and do nothing."
    Kico, held out her hand as Sam bent his head, Ronny dragged her away slowly as Sam slowly fell to his knees.
    "Shut up!" Ronny said as he jerked her closer to him.
    "Your going to be a good girl. Right?"
    Kico wimpered and slowly knodedd her head, as Ronny unlocked his front door.
    He picked her up and caried her upstairs, then threw her on the bed.
    "Ronny please don't do this!!"
    He just smiled as he looked down at her perfectly tan legs.
    He ran up on the bed and emidietly held her down to were so couldn't even move her fingers.
    Kico screamed, then looked forward as his hand slowly made its way down her stomic, then up again. As he let go with the other hand, she moaned as he taced her lips with his tung, he moved down further then begain to rub his lips up and down her stomic, as he begain to get further and further down, the harder she begain to breeth, when he got to close, she arched her back he breathed a smile then moved down even more, she grabbed hold of his pillow behind her head, his toes traced the bottom of her feet, he started to move back up and down and let his smooth stomic slide acros her's she let out a a sigh, as her check became red. He came back up from under the cover's.
    "Your doing good."
    "Ple...eas...e stop. I don't want to anymor..." Before she could finish his tounge was in her mouth her traced her teeth. He backed up and violently moved back down and made her really scream. He sat up, strataling her. He looked down and brushed her soft hair away from the side of her mouth. Then his lips met with her's again. She opened her eye's when she felt something really hard upagainst her left leg she screamed but stopped when she noticed she was free enought to get away
    She slowly rased her hand into a fist, then sliped out from under him, then took her two fingers into his eye's. He yelled as he fell backwards. He sat up and grabbed for her neck, as his home door fell nosaly on the floor.
    Sam rased up stairs, when he saw Ronny's hands around kico's neck he jumped onto of his and begain punching him on his face. kico jumped off the bed and hugged Sam around the neck, and screamed stopped.
    But when kico realized he did, she looked down at his face with a smile but then it soon vanished when his face turned bright red as his eye's looked up and down kico.
    She did the same, but before she did she realized that the whole time she didn't have any cloths on. She screamed, stood up to run away, but tripped over Sam's leg, and fell on top of him. When her eye's opened Sam was right in her face. She screamed so loud, that Sam got up and close his eye's as he stumbled over to Ronny's bed and grabbed his blanket, then threw it at her as he sat down and turned around.
    She rapped it around her, and ckeared her throught he turned around, smiled as he picked her up.
    They walked out side then to home.