• Sarah pulled into the parkinglot of her apartment and opened the backseat. The parkinglot was abandoned excpet for an old voltswagon and her mustang. That's a friday night in LA. Sarah bent over and reached across the seat to grab one of her bags. She pulled back out with arms of full of stuff, when she stopped short. A guy was standing no more than a hair away from her. She was about to scream when he put her hand over her mouth and said, "Don't." Sarah sighed with releif when she recognized his voice.
    "Tyler." She breathed and relaxed. The tension gone from her body, he moved slightly and was pressed between her car and Tyler. "What are you doing?"
    Tyler smirked and brushed a strand of hair from her face. "I'm here to see you."
    Sarah snorted. "It's never that simple."
    Tyler's smirk dissapeared and he looked at her softly. Then he kissed her. Sarah pulled back after a moment and looked at him. "What?"
    Tyler sighed and looked torn apart. "They're coming for you."

    {{i kno it's not much but i'm having writer's block so deal}}