• "Hurry! We can escape them!"
    "No! They're here!"
    "Keep on running! We can outrun them!"
    "No! They got me!"
    "Run! You can escape!"
    "No! I don't want to leave you!"
    "Just run Lucas!"
    Lucas woke up with a fright. It was still midnight. "I hate that dream." Lucas said, frustated "It brings back too much memories."
    Lucas was a lonely 25 year old man living in the city Eclos. He was orphaned when he was 2 1/2 months old and lost his brother and sister when he was 6. He tries not to think about it. He was going to the market one day when he heard an alarm go off. "ATTENTION CITIZENS! THE CITY IS UNDER ATTACK BY TWO CENTAUR! STAY INSIDE YOUR HOMES! THE GUARDS WILL KEEP YOU ALL SAFE!" Lucas ran to his house with haste forgetting about the lack of food in his house. He lay down in his bed when he heard a crash. He grabbed his flail when the 2 Centaur came into his room. They looked strangely familier to him. Lucas started spinning his flail around. "S-s-stay back. I'm w-warning y-you." He stammered.
    "No need for that Lucas." the male Centaur exclaimed. Lucas spun the flail around slower. "Pardon?"
    "Why do you want to harm us?" said the female Centaur
    "Ummm... B-because you attacking the c-city maybe?" Stammered Lucas
    "We're not attacking!" the female Centaur laughed "We're here for you."
    "M-me? Why?" Lucas questioned.
    The male Centaur sighed. "We're your brother and sister."
    "What!?" Lucas dropped his flail. "Johnny? Amy?"
    After an emotional reunion Johnny and Amy explained what happened that night. "After the two mages grabbed us we tried to fight back." Johnny explained
    "I was on top of one of them when the other threw a pure magic energy ball at me but I jumped off and it hit the mage I was on top of." Amy continued.
    "And the explosion?" Lucas asked
    "The mages were twins. If one mage of twins die, both die." Johnny answered
    "They both died in a magical explosion, we were in it. It turned us into Centaur. It also gave me magical powers. I can see future and levitate things. We are destined to save the world from certain destuction." Amy told Lucas. "There is a small outpost a few miles away to help us. We'll explain the rest on the way.!"
    "But how do we get there?" Lucas asked
    "Hop on." said Amy. Lucas got on Amy's back and the three of them rode off to the Outpost.