• When the whole army had entered the room, the three royals stood up in unison and gently bowed their heads towards the brave warriors of Bright Spendia. In return, the soldiers all bent down on one knee and showed their honour and respect towards their leaders.

    With a wide smile on her face, Queen Lucia stepped forward and ordered them to rise and, all at the same time, they did as they were requested.

    As Lucas rose, he took a quick glimpse at the beautiful princess dressed in red, the one that he loved, Princess Lorien. When their eyes met, her eyes bright and smiling, Lucas quickly darted his gaze away from her and approached the Queen.

    “I must say, this is a wonderful day for Bright Splendia. I welcome you all back warmly. I welcome you back home,” Queen Lucia said, her smile unwavering. The soldiers cheered and applauded, proud. But Queen Lucia held up her hand for silence.

    “But I also grieve for those we have lost. They died protecting this kingdom and I am grateful for that. May they continue to protect this kingdom from above and may the memories of them live on,” Lucia said gravely and everyone, even Samuel, the Prince from Translutia, bowed their heads in honour of the brave soldiers that had died for Bright Splendia. The throne room suddenly filled with the sound of a mournful tune as everyone gave their silent prayers for the soldiers who gave their lives.

    Lucas shed a tear as he held on to the 2 swords on his belt, though one wasn’t his.

    When the music had finally stopped, the Queen raised her head and began to speak.

    “Now, let us celebrate with our fellow citizens, for Bright Splendia is now free,” Lucia said, smiling at Lucas, giving him a silent order.

    Lucas nodded once and raised his own sword. “To freedom!” he yelled, and the soldiers responded with applause and loud cheering.

    The cheering stopped abruptly when Lucia raised her hand to silence them all.

    “Now, before I forget,” Queen Lucia turned toward Samuel and nodded him forward. “this is his Royal Highness Samuel, from the kingdom of Translutia. I would like you all to welcome him.” Lucia said smiling broadly.

    Again, the throne room was filled with a loud applause and Samuel smiled.

    Lucas took another quick glimpse at Lorien but this time, it was Lorien who could not look him.

    When the applause died down, all the soldiers got into formation so that they could all be congratulated personally. It was a long day for the royals.

    When it was finally Lucas’ turn, he softly shook hands with Samuel.

    “Welcome home,” Samuel said politely and Lucas just nodded with a fake smile on his face.

    Queen Lucia looked at him sympathetically as he greeted her.

    “I’m sorry about your brother, Lucas,” Queen Lucia whispered sadly. Lucas smiled softly but didn’t do anything more.

    When Lucas finally came to face Princess Lorien, he kissed her hand gently and slipped a note into her palm. From the corner of his eye, Lucas saw that Samuel was staring at him strangely.

    “Welcome home Lucas,” Lorien said with a warm smile. Lucas returned her smile and nodded his head once slightly before he walked away.

    Lorien tightened her grip on the note that was handed to her and smiled more widely than she had been before. She stared at Lucas as he walked away with a smile. She didn’t care who was watching her anymore.

    Lucia looked at her daughter and a frown creased her forehead. Lorien will marry Samuel, I’ll make sure of it, Lucia thought to herself. It will be my dying wish.