• "Maya, Maya! Wake up sweety, time for school. Maya?"

    "Mom?!?" I shot up and looked around. I was still in that wretched place. Just a dream. It was a dream. I told myself. I looked across the room and saw that there was a tray of food, and a pitcher of water. I stood and walked over to the food. I was starving. I took a piece of bread, and bit down on it. I spat it out, tasting a stale bitter moldy taste. I never knew bread could taste so bad. I took a drink from the pitcher to clean out my mouth. At least the water was fine. Instead of eating more bread, I ate the apple that was there. It was old, but edible. My rib still hurt almost unbaribly, but the bleeding had stopped. I walked back over to the window. Looking out it seemed to be the only thing that kept me from going insane. So far I have seen four different dragons, and even some riders. I wasn't positive, but I thought I saw a griffin too. I sighed. Maybe I WAS going insane. I sat back down in a corner and waited. After a bit, a man with another tray of food came in. He stared at me for a bit. He looked scared and confused. He almost looked sorry for me, or something. He opened his mouth, and was about to say something, when he stiffened and let out a small yelp. He set the food down and ran out of the room. I went over to the food, and took a bite. It was better than the last one, but still terrible. Half way into the small meal, a wave of nausia swept over me, and my vision blurred. I dashed over to a corner, and was sick. Dizzy, I wiped my lips of and took a sip of water. Everything had a tint of purple in it. What's happening to me? My heart pounded fast and hard. I stumbled over to a wall and layed down. I was very dizzy. It smelled horrible in the room. Suddenly a sharp pain stabbed my back. I screamed. It felt like a knife was in me. It was the worst pain I had ever experianced. Through blurred eyes I saw three men run into the room. Hands grabbed me and held me down. Another strike of pain hit in my lower back, and then almost immediatly after another one in my shoulder. I yelled and cryed. I was being tortured. I had no idea what was going on. One of the men injected something into my neck, but everything hurt too much for me to care. Darkness tugged at my eyes, and I welcomed it. Anything to get out of the burning pain. It came quickly, and everything was completely gone. I was in a world of nothingness.