• ~Last Chance~

    I tossed the remains of the crippled human on the ground. His blood a deep crimson creeping from my lips down my chin. I licked the substance from my lips, and wiped the rest off with the back of my hand. I like writing like this, telling what I did in detail, I found him in an odd place sitting on the ground leaning against a tree, His scent caught me off gaurd, he smelled so delicious and in my state I just could not refuse. The fear in his eyes pumped my adrenaline and I became very anxious, I crept behind him silently like a cat stalking prey. When he turned around and saw me his expression became sincere. As if he wanted to help me, he helped me. I made sure of it. I suppose I should dispose of him, but who is really going to care? After all, he's just a human.

    I have decided to change my outlook on my life, I am here, and if I am, then there is a purpose for me. I must find that purpose, i can't give up. I should take a liking to this sort of life. So many poweers I have, such strength, I
    m not weak, like a human. There so weak it's pathetic. I feel I want to crush them now, although I wanted to be one so badly, how can my whole outlook change like this? I can't explain it, but it akes me feel superior, I can control what I do now, I can make them fear me, it entertains me. I think I should continue to do so. While I'm on this voyage to my creator, I mean the creator of what I am now. What he did to me, and I'm so very certain he is a man, I can remember two clear words from him when he left me there in that alley,
    "Silly Girl". Am I a silly girl? I will make sure to change his mind, maybe I will make him fear me to.